10 AC Tips For This Summer

It can be difficult to get by through the scorching summer without the help of air conditioning. No matter how you look at it, switching on this appliance is more practical than enduring the heat without it and end up in the hospital because of heat stroke.

Using your AC shouldn’t cost you too much money whether it’d be for maintenance or electricity, which is why we have compiled 10 AC tips for the summer to keep your unit going without needing repairs or replacement:

  1. Check for leaks.

One of the biggest cause of a surge in utility bills is a leaking air conditioner so make sure to check your house for possible leaks. Keeping the cool air inside the room where your AC is turned on saves a lot of energy because it would lower the temperature faster and would even lessen the time your unit needs to work.

  1. Clean your AC regularly.

Cleaning your AC can do wonders for both the unit’s cooling performance and the health of those who breathe the cold air it is circulating. When not cleared out regularly, filters are usually filled with dust and allergens that cause a wide variety of illnesses from common colds to more serious pulmonary diseases. Undertaking the task at least once a month should be enough to keep your AC running smoothly.

More importantly, check all your available options online to get affordable and top-notch AC repair and maintenance services to keep your unit cool as can be.

  1. Keep the unit under the shade.

Air conditioning units adjust to the temperature in a room through the thermostat. Because of this, experts recommend keeping the AC under the shade to prevent it from continuously running even when the room is already at your desired temperature.

  1. Maintain your AC temperature at 78°.

Experts on AC maintenance and energy saving recommend maintaining a temperature of 78° when using the appliance. This is because every degree lower than this would mean an additional 8% of your energy consumption.

  1. Set your AC on sleep timer.

Since it is often cooler at night, air conditioning units are advised to be turned off or, at least, put it at a slightly higher temperature. Through this, you will be able to save big bucks and ease your AC from excessive use.

  1. Consider an upgrade.

While upgrading may sound counter-intuitive, it may actually work in saving more money on utility bills as most new models of air conditioning units are more energy-efficient than older ones.

  1. Install window films.

This is one trick you should consider doing to avoid the cool air from seeping out. Experts say that this will not only prevent your AC unit from cooling the entire neighborhood but would also keep the warm air from entering the house.

  1. Close the blinds or curtains.

Another easy way to keep your home cool is closing the blinds or curtains, especially when your AC is running. This way, you can maximize the cool air without putting too much pressure on your unit.

  1. Use a fan.

While some homeowners believe that using fans while the AC is running consumes more energy, it actually improves the circulation of cold air inside a room which is one of the reasons why people turn up their AC. Remember that the ideal temperature your thermostat should be set in is 78°.

  1. Reduce the lights.

Like sunlight, lights are also a source of head which is experts recommend decreasing it to lower the competition your AC is running against in cooling your room.