10 Things to Consider When Choosing an Estate Agent

Choosing an estate agent can be difficult especially when you do not know what to look for. It is important to keep in mind the changing trends in property marketing hence the need to ding an agent that understands the market and can deliver. Unfortunately, the difference between a bad and a good agent can be worth a certain percentage of the value of your property.

 Here are things you can consider when selecting an estate agent:

Knowledge of the market. Before engaging your prospective estate agent, it is important to find out their knowledge of the market and how they intend to position your property to this audience. An agent who has a clear understanding of the market is able to provide you advice on the kind of renovations you need to include on your property and even how to stage among other things.

Does the agent have knowledge of the local area.It is advisable that you go for an estate agent that specializes in your area. This means they have all the information about the demographics, schools, public transport, local attractions and crime that are usually a concern for most prospective buyers. Most importantly, they also need to know about any future developments that are coming up in the area for instance a shopping centre, light rail or other infrastructure. These can make a difference when you want to use a cash buyer like Ready Steady Sell.

Find out about the agent’s database.A good agent will usually have a database of prospective property buyers. Thus, you need to find out if and how they will promote your property to their database and beyond. This is important because you can only attain a higher selling price is when there is competition between buyers and the best way to trigger competition is by ensuring your property has more exposure.

Check if the agent will employ a multi-channel marketing campaign. An effective advertising campaign is crucial not just to help you attain the desired sell price but also sell your house quickly. A good estate agent understands this principle well and will seek to leverage different marketing channels to ensure a wide exposure for your property.

Professional photography. You need to check with the estate agent how they intend to take the photos of your property that they will use for their advertising campaign. Generally, professional photography is a must when advertising your property because it will certainly give you an edge. Additionally, you need to find out from the agent whether they will include professional video highlighting features of your property.

Use of market data. Estate agents usually have access to a wealth of market data that helps them to offer reliable advice and guide you to making informed decisions especially when selling your home. Therefore, you need to find out if the agent will be using market data as this usually gives insight into the prices of property in your locality, sale type and average duration property stays on the market among other important information.

Commissions. You need to find out the amount of money the agent will charge you in commissions. While it is always tempting to settle for the agent with the cheapest agent fees, it may not be the best idea. Therefore, take a deeper look into other factors as opposed to looking at the price in isolation.

To find the best estate agent, you must be willing to research the estate agents. This means that you should not only focus on the fees or an impressive valuation of your property but also other factors that could be red flags. You will do well to look at credentials of the estate agents to ensure they are qualified and also contact at least three estate agents whom you will vet before picking one that you can work with.