2018’s Most Popular 10-Cup Water Pitcher With Filter

zero water vs Brita

A complete reverse osmosis system is not something that every household would be able to afford. However, with all the chemicals that we have in our food and drinks, we need to make sure that at least our drinking water is safe and free from harmful chemicals. But installing a reverse osmosis system can be too much for your budget to handle.

            This is why when you check online, there are plenty of ways for you to have filtered water at a much reasonable price. Many are selling large-sized pitchers that already comes with a filter to clean your water, just like what a reverse osmosis system can do. There are two popular products on the market today. Let us go ahead and see which one is better than the other.

The Water Filter Pitcher

There may be plenty of choices when it comes to water filter pitcher, but the most popular is the Zero Water and the Brita pitchers. Both are receiving outstanding reviews, making them the best choice among the other products. But what makes one different from the other? Let us go ahead and compare zero water vs Brita.

 zero water vs Brita

  • ZeroWater Filter Pitcher.

This pitcher has a 5-stage filtration method which is better compared to the 2-stage filtration offered by other brands. This pitcher is NSF certified which means that can reduce any presence of Lead and other heavy metals that can be bad for our system. This product is proven to remove 99.6% of any dissolved solids which is twice as effective as the other leading brands. This will also come with a free water quality meter that you can use to test your water. The contoured handle is making it easy to grip.

  • Brita Grand Water Pitcher with Filter

            This is a large water pitcher. It comes with a soft grip handle making it easy to use. It is safe with it locking lid that is convenient when you want to refill. This pitcher is BPA free can reduce the taste of chlorine as well as its odor. It can also lessen the amount of copper, mercury, as well as cadmium impurities that can be usually found in tap water.

            This pitcher comes with a filter indicator that can track when your water filter already needs to be replaced. The Brita filters can be replaced every 2 months, or at about every 40 gallons. This is perfect for household use.

The Verdict

When it comes to water filters, these two are the best for family use. It is very convenient, easy to use, and very affordable. Comparing these two and choosing one from the other can be hard. That is because both pitchers have their own features that make it special.

All that is important is that both can provide us and our families with clean and safe drinking water without spending hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for a water filtration system. So before you make your purchase, do your own research about the two brands. Choose the one that would be perfect for your family’s needs.