6 Secrets to Find Cheap yet Reliable Storage in NYC

6 Secrets to Find Cheap yet Reliable Storage in NYC

Storage is a crucial aspect when you are shifting your base. It takes a while to settle down in a new home. Thus, smart homeowners usually prefer moving with just a few essentials. The other valuables are kept in a storage which are brought back once things are all organized and settled in the new location. Are you too about to shift your base and looking for storage facility? The post below reveals 6 top secrets to find reliable yet cheap storage NYC.

Don’t look for units in NYC metro

If you are looking for affordable units, look beyond NYC metro. Rates are high in and across the main city but you will make handy savings if you are flexible to explore a broader radius. It’s good option if you are not going to need the valuables sometime soon. Also, make sure that the storage facility is at a reasonable distance from your new base.

Get a comparative study

Don’t just settle with the first storage unit you chance upon online. Rather, get a comparative study on at least 3-4 storage units before you take the final decision. There are so many things to check-from reputation to experience to allowed space to amenities etc. Remember, for the next 1-3 months, the storage unit would be the home for your valuables. So, you have to make sure that you are being right and wise with the selection. Besides, the comparative study will also help you to explore various possible quotes so that you can choose the most competitive option. Added to competitive pricing, also make sure that your chosen one holds huge reputation and experience in the market.

Look for discounts on long-time storage

You can save money if you opt for short-time storage instead of a long-time contract. But, what if you actually need to store some of your items for a longer period? Is it possible to save with extended contracts? Yes. Many do not know that some storage units offer discounts on long-time storage service. So, while getting the comparative study, check out which storage unit is ready for discounts on longer contracts.

Is it a climate controlled facility?

A climate-controlled storage unit is especially important if you have got valuables that need protection from extreme weather conditions. For example, your heirloom wooden antique dresser would call for a climate-controlled environ. So, make sure your chosen storage unit is armed with such a facility if you have got vulnerable assets. Now, it’s true that climate-controlled facilities cost more than the regular storage units. But you certainly can’t compromise on the safety of your assets. Rather, you can deploy the other tips mentioned above to save some $$.

Strong security

The best storage units are usually very particular about strong security across the whole facility. The security measures common here are video surveillance, limited access to stored contents, security fencing & individual locks. Check out beforehand your chosen storage unit can assure you the peace of mind with all such needed security features.