A Guide to Cost Effective Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to home improvements, the kitchen is the one room that doesn’t come cheap, what with several major appliances and other expensive equipment, there is precious little left for fabrications. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a complete kitchen renovation, self-assembly might be the best solution. Flat pack kitchens offer the budget conscious homeowner a real solution, as the installation costs are a major portion of the final bill when you call in a company, and with quality units that only need assembling, all it takes is a free weekend, some tools, and a little know how.

Range of Materials

There is something to suit every budget, with vinyl, high gloss, or solid timber, and all units would be colour matching and incorporate soft door closing. There are literally hundreds of design to choose from, and with self-assembly, you can afford to splash out a little on quality units. You might be looking for contemporary kitchens in York, or Sheffield, and with online solutions, making contact with the right supplier is easy. If you are still at the design concept stage, why not source an online flat pack kitchen supplier and take a look at what they have? You might be surprised at just how affordable self-assembly is, and the units come with easy to understand instructions that anyone can follow.

Wall Cabinets

These are very easy to install and the extensive range of sizes and designs allows the homeowner to select the right units that will not only fit perfectly, but also provide stylish storage space where it is needed.

Floor Cabinets and Kitchen Islands

Whether you prefer a single wall kitchen with an island, or the more traditional L shaped design, there would be many different designs and finishes to choose from, and with a little imagination, your concept could be something truly unique to your home.

Vinyl Solutions

If you want the best of both worlds, why not consider vinyl? This versatile material is both extremely durable and impressive in design, and with flat pack cabinets that are self-assembled, you are getting real value for money. The flooring can also benefit from vinyl, which comes either in a roll, or in tiles, and whether you prefer the look of hardwood or stone, the latest replications are as close as one can get to the real thing.

If you have a decent set of tools and are handy around the house, there is no reason why you cannot assemble and fit the kitchen cabinets. Failing that, your local handyman would be only too happy to help, and with your direction, the job shouldn’t take too long. It will certainly allow you to spend more on essential items, such as a stove and fridge, and by carefully selecting a suitable colour coding and design, the finished job will be everything you expected, and more. Sourcing the right supplier is half the battle, and if they have a wide range of designs and colours, you can be sure to find something that fits the bill.