A rug is the missing piece of the puzzle!

Decorating a new home or office or taking the decision to give it a makeover always make a person excited. Deciding the paint colour, buying new decoration pieces, choosing the furniture, involving in a long discussion with architecture, supervising minute details meticulously keeps the owner on their toes. Indeed, the result of this hard work is sweet.

People often put efforts when it comes to deciding the design of the ceiling or choosing a fan which will compliment the décor, they also have an eye for detail while choosing furniture, a vase, and other decoration pieces but they take the floor decoration piece for granted. Or maybe they think it is an easy portion to cover. Well, ask those who have already done it. It is no less than a task to choose the perfect rug for the floor. Even if you go low on other areas, a perfect carpet will complete your room.

Rugs are simply the best and an affordable way to make a prompt impact at any place. From eye-catching geometric patterns to different colours stripes, traditional to modern styles, bold patterns to pale colours, soft and comfortable to edgy and shaggy rugs; they are available in countless shapes and sizes which will fit every home or office interior. You can add personality to the room in addition to comfort when you make some space for a rug in it.

Sisal has its own charm

You may come across many rugs to cover wall to wall of your room. You will make a great choice if you will go for sisal flooring. It is the most durable rug amongst all natural flooring. Tan, cream, beige are its natural colour which it derives from its fiber but the fiber can dyed in any colour before they are woven. Sisal is a natural fiber; it is eco-friendly, non-toxic and therefore fit for people with allergies or asthma. Moreover, it doesn’t require much care; regular vacuum is enough to keep it in good condition. However, it is next to impossible to get rid of the stains from a sisal rug.

Sisal is durable because of its tough material, but this tough material is rough as well. If you are looking for something soft then instead of going for 100% sisal flooring, choose a combination. A rug made partially from sisal and partially from wool or other material.

Design and purchase a bespoke carpet online

http://www.floorspace.com.au has been successfully selling top-notch natural fiber flooring to architects, interior designers and solo customers. We sell rugs online as well as we have a showroom located at Camberwell Victoria, we will be delighted to see you there.

Therefore, you can browse the range of carpets online or in our showroom in order to give a subtle and unique effect to your home and office. In fact, if you don’t find yourself content with the range available online or at our store, you can always order a rug of your choice. You make it and order it. You can customise the rug online, select its size, fabric, colour, texture, design, border style, dimensions and get ready to make it a part of your place.

If you are looking for natural flooring which is stylish, environment-friendly and reasonable then Floorspace is the place for you. We pride ourselves even though we only cater to the Australian market to supply quality rugs and natural flooring. For further queries, you can always call us or drop us an email.

Complete your place with our sisal flooring!