An Alternative to Repelling Rodents: Find Out Now!

If you were to ask a group of individuals what small animal they were most afraid of, some would say spiders, some would say snakes, some would say mice, and others would say rats. While it’s true that rats can carry disease and may pass it along when they bite, the most significant problem with rats is the damage caused each year.

In fact, rats cause billions of pounds worth of damage to personal property, products, equipment, and homes annually. The damage occurs even when property owners use repellent, poisons, and other control methods. These may have some effect but poisons are sometimes eaten by pets, causing them to suffer. Traps can injure pets and other animals unintentionally.


There is an alternative to help you create a rodent-free zone. This is a repellent suitable for use in cars, in your garage, in factories, etc., but it is safer and more effective than poisons. Call it innovative or new; the fact that is it works. Use it in your car, in and around industrial machinery, even in your storage facilities. Because this new idea comes in the form of a mat that you place on the floor, you have a repellent that creates a zone in which the rodents won’t travel.

Learn more when you visit the website of one of the leaders in this industry. Companies such as Hammer Technologies Ltd are experts in rat deterrent and repellent flooring. Just place the mat in your garage, factory, or other location. Mice and rats are repelled when they venture near your car, your equipment, or your storage unit. It’s an excellent option for general pest control and a sure way to rid your property of rats.

When you work with top providers in this special field, you also have access to expert knowledge. A visit to the website will provide information on how to tell if you’re the victim of rodent damage. If you’ve noticed damage you can’t explain on wires or upholstery, you may be seeing evidence of mice and rats. When you see that something has been nibbling on wires or cloth, you may also notice droppings in the area.

Act Now

If you see these signs, don’t hesitate. Take action now before the damage gets worse. You may even think that securing your vehicle will take care of the problem only to be surprised when you find even more damage. Rats and mice will find a way to enter almost any small space, especially if they have been there before. Even the smallest crumbs of food left in a car will draw rodents. It’s time to take serious steps including the use of rodent-repellent mats.

Veterans of this industry understand that rats and mice will use wires and upholstery to sharpen their teeth. They aren’t mistaking these items for food. If you have visible damage, there is a good chance that you have already suffered hidden damage. Keep in mind that preventing damage is always a better idea than trying to cure something when it’s already too late.