Best Recliners for Back Pain Relief

As one of the back pain sufferer, you must be well aware of the various varieties of recliners available in the market, but find it difficult to choose one. As you just lie and lean on a recliner, you feel a lot of comfort. The idea is to get relax the pressure points in your spine to ease the pain. Recliners are the most popular luxury available to sooth the pressure points and they are available in all ranges in terms of pricing and comfort level. You can sure find one that suits your requirement from the many best recliners for back pain that are available.

Best recliners

While choosing the best recliners for back pain, you should look for one that provides good support to your back. Lumbar support is a good option as it prevents your back from rounding out in the backward position which is the reason for pressure on your lower back. A good recliner must have a good cushion and while it supports your lower back and allows you to lean at angle of 135 degrees between your torso and legs as this is the position where there is less strain on the spine disc. The mattress should be aligned to your spine and this depends on everyone’s body type. The idea is that the mattress should be able to adjust with your back and make you relax. Your pillow and sleeping position also determine your back pain.

  1. Lifting recliner: Suitable to those suffering from strained muscle or arthritic hips and arthritic spine problem, this chair easily moves the tip forward and allows the user to relax. One can easily move from a sitting position to leaning position and back without straining the muscles. It has controls that allow them to shift positions comfortably. Some models also come with options of choosing the materials for the recliner and some even come with a massage system that gives a good massage to the muscles and spine.

  1. Classic recliners: Suitable for those suffering from a basic pain caused due to physical stress, it gives a good lumbar support and is absolutely perfect for them. Most people still prefer this type of recliner as they are the most basic and many at times enough for daily use and rest.
  1. Zero gravity recliners: Suitable for any type of pain, these recliners mimic the shape that your body takes in a zero gravity environment. With this, your feet will be lifted to a position that is equal to your head. While there are many options available in this type of chair to support your arms etc., there are option so f fabric also that can be chosen.
  1. Ottoman recliners: Suitable for people with long legs or those suffering from pinched nerve problems, it gives them a comfortable position to relax as they find it difficult to raise their legs above a certain level. These cannot recline a lot but recline enough to ease the pressure on lower back and spine.