Best remodeling our kitchen and save money

It is pretty common knowledge in the home improvement industry that remodeling the kitchen is one of the smartest investments you can make, even if you never plan to sell your home.  It doesn’t hurt to keep in mind, however, that a kitchen remodel can yield a return of as much as 90 percent; and it is the room that most use to determine how likely they are to buy the house.  Yes, a good kitchen can make a break a deal.

Of course, the cost of any remodeling job is not cheap, no matter how much you can reap as a return.  But you can find ways to reduce the expense of the upgrade so that you can still feel good about the improvements as well as how much you are spending.


Over time, wooden cabinets wear down.  That is just a natural progression of life.  Of course, your initial instinct, then, might be to replace them.  But sometimes all they need is a just a little extra care: perhaps consider resurfacing them. You might even rework their design a little too.  Then add a fresh coat of paint or just some wood stain to preserve their natural beauty. Similarly, some new hardware (the knobs) could make them feel like new.


While you might be able to resurface old cabinets, a damaged or eroding countertop probably needs replacing.  Of course, you will want to look for creative—and affordable—ways to replace Kitchen countertops, too.  Obviously, you could upgrade to marble or granite. These are study and will last much longer than wood and laminate—and will look more beautiful too. The big trend right now, though, is quartz. This stone is tougher than granite and is resistant to light scratches. It can handle heat very well and does not need an annual sealing (unlike granite).

At the same time, if you feel you simply need more space, you might also—or alternately—consider just adding a kitchen island to your existing kitchen.  If you have enough floor space, you will find that this simple addition can introduce so much more versatility to the room both in terms of storage as well as food preparation options.