Building Your Bathroom on a Budget

When you are building your home on a budget, there are two ways you can stay on budget: compromise the overall square metres of your home or select cheaper appliances and furniture. On extremely tight budget builds, you may end up jeopardising both to stay above the red. There is a workaround; it comes down to selecting the right items.

Shelves over counter space

An expensive feature of your bathroom is the countertops. The materials can be as expensive as marble or as cheap as laminate. The benefits of marble and granite are their durability and tolerance against the heat; in your bathroom, those aspects are not needed. If you choose those kinds of countertops but aren’t maximising their use, it becomes unnecessary. Select concrete slabs, reclaimed wood, or a laminate instead.

Another way you can stay on budget is by keeping the overall counter space, small. Creating a shelving system is cheaper than buying a whole block to accommodate your toiletries. Shelves that are installed at eye level can be just as useful as having a large counter space. You can even have them custom built to sizes and shapes that consider the products you use.

Shower pods over shower enclosure

A shower enclosure is the glass/acrylic walls around your shower. It adds a degree of privacy and cleanliness to your bathroom with its sliding doors. They take up a lot of space and are often in the corner of your bathroom.

Shower pods are a single unit that you can install to be able to take a shower. It has the shower head, waterproof floor, and enclosure. It keeps the water inside the pod, so there is no mess. It comes with its waterproof enclosure, so you do not need to install tile on the walls or floor. You can keep the same kind of flooring throughout the house without worrying about the damage from the water.

As a unit, they could be around the same price as a shower enclosure. However, when you consider the cost of tile, grout, and shower—it saves a lot of money and space. They come in different styles, and you can find one that suits your needs the best.

Vinyl floors over tiles

Since you can use the same flooring throughout the house with the shower pods, select vinyl flooring over tiles. They are easy to clean and are waterproof, so they can be installed in your kitchen and bathroom without any issue. Vinyl floors are a cheap alternative to hardwood and stone floors. Their designs can also mimic different textures, so you do not compromise the overall aesthetic.

You can find cheaper alternatives to other traditionally expensive features just by changing the material you are using. You can also work with alternative storage solutions and convertible furniture to make full use of your space. Building on a tight budget may be a compromise because you are changing your initial plan. However, this compromise does not have to extend to your comfort and convenience.