Choose Electric Over a Gas Water Heater

There are more than a few reasons to consider an electric water heater over a gas option, especially if you have to maintain a property with multiple members. Whether you live alone or as part of a large family, the potential savings will add up quickly. Looking at some of the benefits compared to other options, it should be possible to see a significant improvement in your home in both the short and long term.


First and foremost, you never need to worry about a possible explosion or natural gas leak if you choose an electric water heater. This alone is enough reason for many homeowners to choose this option even if the initial cost is slightly higher compared to a gas heater. Any machine that burns fuel will produce carbon monoxide and a poorly-maintained water heater could begin to leak at any moment.

Your home should be fitted with carbon monoxide detectors in every room necessary and they should always be kept in working condition. However, you should not have to worry quite so much about such a potentially deadly situation with electric water heating. Whether you live alone or with a family of six, you cannot afford to be too careful when it comes to this odourless, colourless gas that can cause serious illness and worse.


A simple addition to your heater can be made so as to control when your heater is on or off. On an electric tank, you can use this cost-effective and relatively easy to install accessory to have your heater on or off during certain hours of the day to save energy. This can help you to minimise your monthly energy bill while maximising the use of your heater during the hours that you are using hot water in your home.


The installation process of an electric heater over a gas one is far simpler, especially if you consider what must be done to accommodate a new gas water heater. First, the gas line must be fitted with a flue to ensure that no products created during use are leaked into your home. To make this happen, you must install tubing through your home and out of your roof, while an electric option would need little more than a specialised outlet and not a single hole cut into your roof.


Electric water heaters do all the same work of a gas option without needing all the additional space around the structure, meaning that you can squeeze it into a much smaller space with little worry. An electric tank will also never pose a potential threat of gas buildups or explosions because there will never be any gas to worry about after installation. No matter what you need for your home, you could utilise this option to simplify maintenance and increase convenience.

Installing a new water heater can be difficult on the budget of many households but making the right choices could lower costs over time. The safety of your family is also a critical factor that you must take into account when making a choice and the right professionals can help you make the best decision for your situation.