Clean and Seal Solutions for Paving

There is little to compare with a freshly laid driveway or patio, yet, like everything, time takes its toll, and with grease, oil and grime in abundance, before very long, the surface loses its pristine look. Some homeowners accept that they have to get out the scrubbing brush every few months, and with a few hours of diligent scrubbing, some cleaning solution, and a hosepipe, we can restore the look of the paved surface. There is, however, a much better alternative, and that is to have the surface professionally cleaned and sealed.

Clean and Seal

This term describes the process of restoring the paving surface to its original condition and then applying a sealant, which effectively protects the surface. Moss, weeds, and soil are all removed and once the surface is completely clean and dry, the sealant is applied. If you live in the North East of England, and are looking for clean and seal paving in Newcastle, for example, there are online specialists who can apply a very effective protective layer on any paved surface.

Range of Sealants

There are almost as many variations of sealant as there are paving stones, but generally, an epoxy resin based sealant gives the best results. Typically, the paving surface would be cleaned with a water pressure cleaner, which effectively removes everything, and with adjustable nozzles and pressure, it is possible to reach every nook and cranny, and the cleaning will not damage the surface. The type of stone used in the resurfacing would determine the best type of sealant covering to use, and with a professional application, the surface will be protected and will retain that pristine look.

Protect your Investment

Any home improvement is an addition to the already large investment you have made, and by having the driveway, paths, and terrace cleaned and sealed, you are protecting part of that asset, which will rise in value over time. The treatment lasts for many years, and eventually, it will need to be repeated, but until such time, your paving will always look like new, and this will maintain the elegant ambience of the property.

Reduce Maintenance

Having the driveway or patio cleaned and sealed effectively cuts down a lot of your maintenance time, as the regular scrubbing sessions are no longer needed, and a quick hose down now and then is all that is required to keep the surface like new. If you think about the cost, which is negligible, then factor in the time and energy your regular clean takes up, it makes sense to have the job done once by a professional team.

Modern technology has enabled the homeowner to save both time and money by using protective coatings, and with a clean and seal on your paved surfaces, you can relax and spend more time enjoying the garden it took so long to create. There are online contractors who specialise in this service, and a simple online search will bring up a list of potential contractors.