Concrete right polish that’s how it works

concrete polishing in Geelong

The industrial concrete floors can be smoothed and ennobled until the achievement of unthinkable beauty and resistance results. The new technologies available represent a hybrid between American and Italian technologies. The first ones linked to chemical ennobling and to the treatment of sodium or lithium sodium silicates. The latter inspired by diamond sanding and grinding technologies used for polishing marbles and granites art in which professionals are excelled. The union between these two technologies has led to the achievement of highly standardized results called super concrete or crystal concrete depending on the specialized reference companies.

concrete polishing in Geelong

How concrete polishing works?

Today you will know about crystal concrete technology for concrete polishing in Geelong. Thanks to a more complex protocol it has become the most advanced and the most performing procedure of all time. Detailed information on the concrete sanding technology can be found after seeing the advantages of concrete polishing. The advantages of polishing are

  • Concrete floors with resin or two tone finishes do not have the same quality as polished ones
  • The former are in fact much less resistant and more susceptible to damage as well as being less durable and more expensive
  • The floor acquires greater resistance and hardnessas well as improving over time
  • Resistance to the passage of forklifts
  • Resistance to scratches or external agents due to hardening and waterproofing
  • The polishing of the cement makes the surface smooth and therefore very easy to clean
  • Absence of slipperiness
  • Absence of bubbles or imperfections caused by other poorer materials such as resins or varnishes
  • The treatment allows the floor to not absorb bacteria and does not provide for the application of resins or other products that could introduce potentially harmful substances into the air
  • Water repellent, oil repellent and fireproof treatmentcan be done
  • The floor can be customized with highly resistant colors able to blend with the cement
  • The polishing of concrete floors is an economic treatment that does not involve long term maintenance costs

concrete polishing in Geelong

Conclusion: How it is done?

The heart of the process is therefore represented by the preparation of the flooring by roughing and coiling the cement. The concrete is grinded with special high performance diamond wheels with large professional sanders. The floor will then be abraded and sanded to an optimum porosity to be treated with sodium, lithium or potassium silicates. These compounds are formed inside the cavities and the micro pores of the concrete thus creating an effect of filling, hardening, densification and sealing of the cortical layer of the concrete. The brilliance achieved by mechanical processes presupposes a smooth floor to the touch as if it were glass. The floor will be insensitive to scratches and have high hydro oleo repellency while maintaining the breathability.Once the mechanical brilliance has been achieved to standardize the degree of gloss lithium Nano polymers will be applied. This treatment will further protect the cement. One of the biggest advantages of the polished concrete floor is its easy maintenance. The dust therefore can be washed manually or with a simple washer dry.