Custom Pool Covers and Rollers: Finding the Perfect Fit

There are a lot of benefits to having a custom pool cover made for your swimming pool. Standard covers typically don’t fit all pools, reducing your efficiency in energy as the water temperature decreases. In addition, standard covers tend to be made of material that has to keep being replaced season after season, costing you more and more money as time goes on. This material also isn’t made to hold any kind of weight so if a child or a pet were to attempt to walk across thinking that the material was solid, it can pose a variety of safety risks.

Custom Shape Covers, Pool Covers, and Pool Rollers

If your pool was custom-designed and is a unique size or shape, you’ll find that a standard pool cover just won’t work for you. In order to make sure that your wastage from your pool is as minimal as possible, you’ll need a custom shape cover designed to fit the exact size, dimensions, and unique shape of your pool. Even if the shape of your pool is standard such as the lagoon shape or the Roman design, the benefits to having a custom pool cover are overwhelming. One major benefit to a properly fitting cover is the cut to heating costs as you’re lowering the amount of water that is evaporated over time.

When it comes to custom pool covers and rollers, they just go hand in hand. Maximising the potential of your pool cover and making your life easier is what the pool roller was meant to do and getting a custom pool roller ensures that it will work no matter the size or shape of your pool and pool cover. Buying a standard pool roller and a custom pool cover can be tricky as that pool roller might not work for your pool cover. It’s also a good idea to get them from the same place so make sure that you find a place that does both such as Pool Covers and Rollers.

It’s All in the Material

Custom pool covers are only as effective as the material that they’re made of as the material dictates what type and how much maintenance is required. For example, some pool covers are made of a mesh material that works to keep out leaves and other debris that can gather in the off season as well as support heavy loads like snow. This type of pool cover doesn’t require a pump as the rainwater just goes right through the material so there isn’t a lot of maintenance or upkeep required. However, the water does require a lot of cleaning when you open the pool up again. In addition, mesh pool covers can last as long as fifteen years.

Another type of cover is the solid vinyl cover, which doesn’t allow any rainwater to pass through or any debris to land in the pool. What this means is that the water is clear when you open the pool up again so there is little cleaning involved. They do require a pump, which has to be periodically adjusted and replaced, usually within two to four years. Typically, these solid vinyl covers last as long as six to ten years.