Date of installation is provided for the manila gears and electric motors

When you purchase the products from any store then you must make sure that the product is free from defects. The original purchaser will own the screen to use it for the normal use for workmanships and materials. The ownership of the screen cannot be transferred to the other person without the permission of the original purchaser. The specific components which are outlined in the screen will not have any limited warranty. The manual gears and the electric motors will have the warranty which will commence from the date of installation. You may expect some failures during the normal use of the screen. The electric motor should not be exposed to water under abnormal conditions. The receivers and the remote transmitters of motorized window screens will also have the limited warranty along with the other electric components. The installation and the shipping costs are included along with the cost of the material.

Sell the screen products:

If you have found that any parts of the screen are defective then there is a need for repair or replacement. The exclusive distributors will sell the motorized window screens products in different places. The level of experience and knowledge will be taken into consideration in order to install a screen. You can definitely enhance your workspace by hiring the experts for the purpose of screen installation. It will only take a few minutes to submit the details and complete the registration process. The condition of the warranty cannot be verified with the registration card of the owner. You must make sure that there will not be defects in the materials when you purchase the screen from the original purchaser. The satisfactory installation of the screen will not create any failures under the expected normal use.

Receivers and remote transmitters:

The original purchaser will have the rights to transfer the ownership of the screen with the other purchaser. The abnormal conditions or acts of God are the reasons why the electric motor is exposed to water. If you want to create the space which you are dreaming of then you can definitely approach our team. The receivers and remote transmitters are included as the electric components with a limited warranty. Our team will get in touch with your shortly if you explain your requirements clearly. If you require a perfect complement to fine homes then serene window screen is the best option. The smooth operation and the seamless style is supplied with the designs. Most of the window applications can be mounted easily in order to make a perfect blend. The traditional screens which are present near the surroundings will not obstruct the view. The motorized and manual options are provided at the time of installation.