Day and Night Blinds Buying Guide

Day and night blinds are a fantastic innovation that combines features of both venetian and roller blinds to produce a stylish yet versatile window cover. They allow for even more control over the levels of sunlight in a room while also offering a range of great styles to suit your home décor.

Offering high levels of privacy while also allowing plenty of light into a room, day and night blinds are versatile enough to be utilised throughout the day.

What are day and night blinds?

Day and night blinds take inspiration from roller blinds and venetian blinds, taking aspects from both and combining them into a simple yet effective design.

They consist of two separate layers of material, with one being more transparent than the other. These can be lined up or separated to provide different levels of transparency, offering even more control over light levels and privacy.

By adjusting one of the layers, day and night blinds can switch from voile (semi-transparent) to blackout depending on your desires, or you can adjust it further for more precise control over light levels.

Like roller blinds, they can also be lowered to any height, with the adjustable layers acting similar to the slats found in venetian blinds, highlighting the similarities of each that are present in day and night blinds.

Style options for day and night blinds

Due to their unique design, day and night blinds have a similarly unique range of style options to choose from. For example, it features two distinct materials with one being transparent and the other a solid block of colour, resulting in a striking but no less stylish design.

These two layers of materials area available in a variety of combinations, with different textiles, colours, and patterns to choose from, allowing for limitless design options. You can closely match the two layers or make them intentionally contrasting – the options are limitless!

This should make it easy to find a style of day and night blinds to suit the décor of any room in your home!

Benefits of day and night blinds

Blinds are generally used to offer privacy and control over the light in a room, yet none are as effective at latter than day and night blinds. As the name implies, this type of blind is useful whether it is day or night!

You can precisely adjust day and night blinds to get the perfect amount of sunlight into the room, allowing you to enjoy a bright and spacious ambience while never sacrificing your personal privacy. Should you want all the natural light through, simply raise them like roller blinds and enjoy all the sunlight you need!

Of course, you can also enjoy the benefits of blackout blinds at the same time if need be, showcasing just how versatile day and night blinds are!