Different Kinds of Common Tree Work

If you have trees at your home or business, you need to make sure that you keep them in good shape. Trees tend to be fairly low-maintenance, especially if they are well established. Well-established trees do not often get diseases that they cannot recover from. They also tend to be very stable even in strong winds. However, they are not invulnerable. Your trees can become unhealthy if they are allowed to grow without pruning. Also, they can be dangerous if they start to die but you don’t remove them from your property. A strong wind can definitely fell a dead tree. Also, the branches on a large tree can be ripped off by a strong wind and cause serious danger to you and to others. To avoid that, you need to hire professionals who do good tree work.


Pruning a tree is important if you want to protect the tree and keep it healthy. As a tree grows, it puts out new branches and new leaves each season. In many cases, the new fruit and new leaves only grow on the new branches. The old branches tend to stagnate and some of them die. As the branches stagnate and slowly die, they will still consume the resources of the tree. The tree will still devote water and nutrients to growing these branches that will not put out new growth. To avoid that wasted effort, you can have the tree pruned. Pruning the tree will help it grow new growth healthier and faster. Also, pruning it will remove the dying limbs that could be a danger to you; that’s why pruning is one of the most common tree services in Sydney.


Lopping is a tree service that should not be taken lightly. In contrast to pruning, lopping is not a surgical and careful procedure. Pruning is about the health of the tree. Lopping is all about controlling the size and shape of the tree. In many cases, a tree will just have the entire top removed. The tree will sometimes recover from this, depending on how much is removed. However, if you have gotten to the point of needing lopping, it is likely a dire situation. A tree that needs to be lopped has typically grown beyond your control and has become a significant danger.

Stump Removal

If the entire tree has been cut down or if it has fallen, you might need stump removal. Removing a stump is incredibly difficult because the stump is anchored with all of the roots of the tree but there is no leverage to pull it out of the ground. A stump can be removed by digging it out of the ground or by grinding it. Grinding a stump does not remove the base of the stump or the roots. Instead, it just grinds the stump down below the surface of the lawn and allows the grass to grow over it.