Do You Need an Antique Repaired?

You cannot rush a job like an antique repair. Rather than have your beautiful antique furniture collect dust, you can have it repaired or reupholstered. The choice of repair may involve a restoration or conservation, depending on the piece. Cleaning and stabilising some antiques is better than stripping or refinishing them. Much depends on the age, condition, and worth of the furnishing.

Take Your Furnishings to an Experienced Professional

The older a furnishing becomes, the more likely it is to need some type of repair. This can range from tightening some screws to taking apart a piece and re-gluing it. If an antique item is repaired correctly, it can greatly improve the integrity of the furnishing.

Therefore, any repairs or restorations should be handled by a business that fully understands antiques. Sometimes an item needs to be refinished. In this case, the process can be time-consuming. In order to refinish furniture, the craftsperson must remove the current finish before the refinishing can take place. Typically, a chemical is applied to get rid of the finish and then the piece is sanded to provide a smooth surface for the new coating. Once the finish is dried, it is polished to a glossy shine.

Restore Instead of Replace Your Antique Furnishing

By taking advantage of antique furniture repair in Bedfordshire, you can add to the stability and beauty of your furnishings. If you are fond a certain furnishing, there is no reason not to restore it so that it can give you many more years of use. When you have a special bond with a piece of furniture, you want to ensure its continued enjoyment. After all, it can be difficult to replace an heirloom or sentimental item with another piece of furniture. Why should you have to do this when you can have the piece easily restored?

Give an old piece of furniture a new lease on life. You can do the same for upholstery that looks dated or old or has lost its vibrancy. Giving a piece of furniture a face-lift will preserve all those qualities you have learned to love about it over time.

The prospect of replacement can be depressing, especially if you have grown to appreciate a certain furnishing. Having a piece restored or repaired can be less expensive and can bring you a great deal more satisfaction. Moreover, restoring and repairing an existing antique is also eco-friendly. By making this decision, you are doing your part to preserve the environment. Statistics reveal that manufacturing new furniture emits as much as 1000 times more CO2 in the air than restoring, refinishing, or repairing an existing furnishing.

Keep what you treasure and value the most. Contact an antique repairer and restorer of furniture – someone who understands what this type of treasure means to you.