Do You Need Flexible Waste Disposal Options?

Are you planning a major renovation project? If so, you want to make sure that your waste disposal can be handled without difficulty. When you speak to a skip hire company, you can get a better idea of the sizes of skips that are offered. Whilst you do not want to hire a skip that is too big, you do not want to hire a size that is too small either. That is why you need to tell the skip hire company what exactly you will be disposing of.

How Bins Are Sized

Typically, bins are hired by their size in cubic metres. A cubic metre is the amount held inside a cube that measures one metre by one metre by one metre. If you are hauling away a small load of debris, you want to choose a skip that measures 0.8 metres high by 2.5 metres long by 1.5 metres wide. In this type of bin, you can haul about 1.5 trailer loads.

If you choose a three cubic metre size bin, you can haul about two trailer loads whilst a bin that is four cubic metres in size can take on as many as four loads. By the time you reach a ten cubic metre sized bin, you can get rid of eight trailer loads of debris.

All Skips Come with a Ramp

All of the skips, regardless of size, come with a ramp for ease of transport. When you receive a price quote from a skip hire company, the cost normally covers a period from one to seven days. This duration is called a grace period. You can have the bin collected earlier than the due date by phoning the company for a pickup. When pickups are made, they can be scheduled for morning or afternoon.

Getting Rid of Hazardous Waste

Once you have a bin scheduled for delivery, you may wonder what you can place in skip bins in Fremantle. When you call for a skip, you will generally receive a flyer that tells you what you can or cannot dispose of in the container. The flyer will tell you what is considered hazardous waste. This type of material usually includes items such as tyres or flammable agents including oil, paint, pesticides, or chemicals. If you require a skip to get rid of asbestos, you need to inform the hire company about this need.

General Waste Materials

Because asbestos is dangerous, you will be given instructions and information about how this type of waste should be removed and the legal protocol that you must follow. Other than these types of exceptions, you can get rid of general waste or heavy waste at just about any time. General waste is categorised as any type of debris that can break down. Therefore, this waste includes plastics, paper, metal, wood, green waste, or domestic waste products.

Heavy Waste Disposal

Heavy waste includes items such as bricks, turf, sand, pavers, rubble, concrete, rocks, or glass. Whatever your skip bin needs happen to be, ask questions first. That way, you can be more decisive about how you need to proceed.