Do’s and Don’ts of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is simply power washing minus the heated water. It implements the cleaning process through normal water under pressure. The pressure washer requires the cleaner to be careful and follow some guidelines of Do’s and don’ts which if followed strictly, will ensure safety of both life and property. The list entails;


Read through the manual

Almost every appliance comes with an operational manual which applies to a pressure washer as well. This manual entails important guidelines which will help you understand how to use the equipment. It will even enlighten you on all the parts of the washer like how to fix the nozzles.

Attach all accessories

Before starting on your cleaning task, ensure that all accessories such as nozzles are in place as per the manual. If this is not done, your work may be compromised or worse it could pose danger to you and your property.

Check oil levels

The oil level in the washer definitely affects the pressure of water streaming out. Low oil level means low pressure and vice versa. For a successful clean-up it is always advisable to make sure that the oil levels are at optimum.

Wear protective gear

When pressure washing, accidents do happen thus is important to cover the eyes, hands and face before starting on this task. Since the water coming out is under high pressure, it can hit objects such as small stones which gain momentum and rise up. If no protective gear is used you can get serious injuries.

Stay away from the cleaning nozzle

Another way to stay safe when working with a washer is to keep both your hands and feet away from the spraying nozzle. You may wear protective gear such as rubber gloves and wellies to protect yourself even further.

Use a detergent

Using water only for cleaning is time consuming and the end result may not be as clean as you expect. This is because there are some dirt or stains that are stubborn therefore, using a detergent becomes a must.


Don’t keep the wand close

Always keep the wand and water jet about 6 feet away from electrical wires because the electric shock may be caused and result to fatal consequences.

Don’t use one nozzle for all jobs

The pressure washer delivers pressurized water depending on the nozzle size. A 40 degree nozzle delivers less pressure than a 15 degree nozzle. The 15 degree nozzle can be helpful in the removal of stubborn stains but can be destructive if used on the wooden fence.

Don’t use high pressure on everything

Having a pressure washer could be the best way to ease your outdoor chores but that does not mean it can be used on all things. Before you start using your washer, inspect the surface to be cleaned. If it is a car, any signs of chipping or scratch should give you the warning that it could be worse when pressure washed. Worn out wooden fence are not suitable for pressure washing.