Driveway materials you can use

Driveway materials you can use

The driveway is the path that leads to your home. A beautiful clean and lovely driveway is the first step to a happy home. If you have purchased a home with a worn out driveway or your driveway has worn itself out over time, you must contact a good Driveway Repair San Diego Company. A good San Diego Driveway Company will ensure that your driveway is as good as new.

It is also necessary for you though, to possess some knowledge about the types of materials you can use for your driveway. Here, we shall take a quick look at the different types of materials that can be used in elegant driveways.

Concrete is the most common material used in driveways. That is because it is essentially maintenance free and has a long life. Concretes are prone to stains and not resistant to ice. So keep that in mind. The concrete may cost anywhere between 3 to 10 dollars per square foot.

These driveways are a combo of asphalt, rocks, and sand. They are basically black in color and give a classic view to the driveway. They are cheap and cost between 2 to 5 dollars per square foot. However, they require frequent maintenance.

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Gravel driveways are set with loose gravel within barriers. It gives a pretty view of the driveway and is typically cheap. However, it needs frequent replacement as it gets loosened easily. Gravel costs between .75 to 3 dollars per square foot.


Brick driveways have a very long life. It was used anciently to decorate driveways too. As such, these driveways are very attractive. However, they come with their cost. Brick driveways can cost anywhere between 10 to 30 dollars per square foot.


Glass driveways are environment-friendly driveways that are made of recycled glass set in resin. These driveways allow for a colorful driveway and are solid requiring little maintenance. They cost between 8 to 18 dollars per square foot.


Green driveways as the name suggests are grass surfaces grown over a plastic base. Another form of the green driveway are grids of concrete with holes that allow grass to grow through them. The end result is very mosaic and pretty. However, grasses need a lot of maintenance. The cost of green driveways is between 4 to 8 dollars per square foot.

In order to get sound advice for your driveway, contact and hire good Driveway Contractors San Diego and you will know what to do next.