Enhance Your Garden Or House Look With Teak Furniture

A prominent member of the Lamiaceae family, Tectona grandis or Teak is a large deciduous tree native to south and south-east Asia namely, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. Often known as ‘Burmese Teak’, this tropical hardwood tree yields wood that is highly durable and water resistant. Growing well in a varied range of habitats with hugely contrasting climatic conditions, this tree is a carpenter dream and is used extensively in furniture making.

Teak boasts of a thick bark which is grey or brownish grey in colour. The heartwood is yellowish that darkens with age with dark patches and has a leather-like scent on being cut. The wood retains its aromatic smell to quite an age. The odour is credited to essential oils present in the wood which also accounts for the timber being termite and pest resistant. So be it sophisticated furniture, doors or windows, teak is of great demand everywhere.

In a modern luxury household, chic teak furniture not only adds to the class and status but also is of great value for money owing to its numerous properties. Solid teak furniture was almost a tradition in the generation of our parents and grandparents and almost all furniture of the family heirloom is beautifully carved chic teak furniture. The artistry of wood and furniture making has evolved to suit the taste of the present generation while still holding onto the values and benefits of this wood.

So right from double-beds to dining tables, from doors to cupboards, from windows to sofa sets- the range of chic teak furniture is all-encompassing. It is classy, durable and everything that fits into the requirement of a modern urban family. Teak is the best wood option for outside or garden furniture because of its weather resistant quality. Although it is more expensive compared to other woods, its durability, strength and inexpensive cleaning and maintenance cost make it the best choice. But teak is not restricted to home decor only. For many years, because of its waterproof quality, teak has been used to build ships and boats. Because of its great durability and strength, this wood does not rot or spoil easily and will last for 40-50 years with little maintenance.

The occasional cleaning with soap and warm water is all you need to keep your teak furniture fit and shining. Products are also available in the market to keep the golden glow of your chic teak furniture intact. Like teak oils are available which needs to be rubbed onto your furniture every three months.

Because of its increasing demand, teak plantations have sprung up over and above the naturally growing habitat. Indonesia and Myanmar account for almost half of the world’s teak that gets exported worldwide.  Boasting of a unique grainy texture, teak is referred to by the Burmese as royal wood, used by the ancient Thai royal families and still is the king of modern fine furniture. Although expensive at the outset it is worth every bit of the cash in the long run.