Enhancing the Design, Functionality and Safety of Stairways

Many homes today feature the stairway since many are the first thing you see when you open the front door to your house. A lot of people may not realise this, but a stairway needs to have a good balance of three things – design, functionality, and safety. Each of these three elements should work together in harmony to make up the best staircase for your home.


The first thing that is going to determine the design of your stairway is going to be the space that you have to put it in. You and may find that a particular space is not large enough to build one set of stairs from one level to another. When you are in a situation like this, you may have to work with your local carpenter/joiner to come up with a more creative solution to make it fit in your space. Luckily, a well-experienced carpenter will usually have no problem finding a way that works.

What materials are you going to be creating the staircase out of? Are you going to go with a more traditional design made of wood stairs or are you going to install a metal spiral staircase? Of course, the area that you are having this built-in will determine this as well.


Functionality is going to depend on a number of things. Where is this stairway going to lead to? What is the purpose of the stairs? For example, if the stairway is going to lead down to the basement of your home, you may want to try to locate it in an area close to the door leading outside so you do not have to go all through the house to get to the basement stairs.

Another functionality tip would be if you are anticipating having to move things up and down the stairs on a regular basis, you may decide to make it a lot more convenient and functional by making the stairwell a little wider than usual.


We all know that there is nothing worse than falling down a set of stairs when it comes to accidents in the home so there are a couple of things that you want to make sure that your stairway has before you step on it. A handrail and stair treads. The handrail will help you keep your balance while traveling up and down and the stair tread will keep you from losing your footing and slipping. There are handrail free designs, floating staircases and many other design-led staircases to choose from, but you have to take into account the safety of those in your household, especially children.