Everything You Want To Know About The Terracotta Pots

Terra-cotta is handcrafted pots made with the finest quality of baked clay. What makes this earth-made material is its porous nature that allows the water and air to pass through the walls of the pots out of clay. These pots are considered best for planting flowers and plants inside the house, since, the roots get outside air to conduct its process of internal food preparation. However, if you placing large terracotta pots at your garden space, then daily watering required since the clay quickly dry up the water in the vicinity of the pot.

Today, this variety of pots, are available in an assortment of styles and shapes to meet every need of the modern homeowners. With the recent advancements in the world of handmade craft, the pot material options are far more diverse compared to a decade or two back. The highpoint of the terracotta material is that its aesthetic appeal and natural-look cannot be replicated by other material types such as the plastic and fibre.

Terracotta Pot is Classic

The single biggest reason people still embracing the age-old clay pots, is because of their mesmerism classic appeal. The large terracotta pots have a magical ability to lend a stroke of class and elegance to the home interiors, also add more life to your small garden space. And, what’s more, no material till now, can recreate the classic look the baked clay pots have. The terracotta comes in a variety of choices, based on the durability of the product, the pots with increased durability are typically clay baked at higher temperatures. This type of terracotta pots are less permeable, hard, plus, has higher capabilities to withstand the extreme weather conditions of the winter. Any good quality pots can last for several years. So, on the whole, the terracotta pots are class & natural in look, in addition to that, the porous property of this pot promote good plant health, and establish good drainage.

Variety of Colors

With such an extensive array of color choices, glazed pots have an uncanny ability to given any bold look, via a vivid range of color combinations. The glazed pots are simply the terracotta made pots, those are glazed with colors, and baked at higher temperatures, therefore, score better in terms of durability. The color possibilities of the terracotta make such a great addition to your home décor, give that much-need rustic feel to every nook of your house.


Another perk associated with the terracotta pots is that they are light in weight means; one can easily transport it from one location to another, without much elbow efforts. Though they are considered lightweight, that doesn’t mean they can be blown away on a windy afternoon, even when empty. Whereas, this is commonly faced with the plastic flower pots.

From the above, it is fair to say that terracotta pots are still a great pick to adorn your garden space. Moreover, a wide array of design and color choices, you are bound to find the right showpieces.