Four Reasons to Own a Gas Fireplace

First and foremost, a fire place of any kind will help to keep your property comfortable during the winter months and keep your energy costs lower over the year. That said, there remain some homeowners who question which type of fireplace they benefit from the most, such as wood over gas, and learning the differences may help you to make a more advantageous choice. Gas fireplaces are highly affordable to operate and require none of the intensive labour associated with a wood fireplace, and there are more than a few ways this installation will repay itself over time.

Value Added

A new gas fireplace will add value to your home and make it much more appealing to any potential buyers. This increase in value may be as much as 12% if the fireplace is well maintained. This added value will allow you to use more of the equity in your home in the distant future and will make selling your home much faster and simpler because a great fireplace will put you as a priority in the market. Gas fireplaces have become particularly popular and will continue to be so as these become even more energy efficient and affordable over time.

Reduce Annual Costs

Companies such as Danton Fireplaces provide gas fireplaces which will allow you to reduce the thermostat of your home and allow warmth into the key areas that receive the most traffic during the day or night, such as a living room. Also called “zone heating,” this will allow you to dramatically reduce the annual heating costs of running a comfortable home. These are also ideal for those times of the year when it is not quite cold enough to heat the entire home at once and you need just a bit of added comfort from an affordable and reliable source.


New and improved gas fireplaces never waste gas or electricity, leaving you with some of the most energy-efficient technology in the house sitting right in your living room. These improved designs and fabrication techniques make it possible for you to save more money over time without any complex or frustrating maintenance requirements. From the time you get your new gas fireplace installed and enjoy it for the first year, you may see that you saved hundreds simply by adding this piece of technology to your home.


New and improved fireplaces are also more durable and able to last years longer, allowing you to make the very most of your investment into the comfort of your home. Your family members will be glad to remain comfortable during the long winter months, and your wallet will never be emptied just to get the process started. You deserve to feel comfortable at all times, and this is one of the best possible options available.