Green up your spring clean with these must-have products

No matter how green you plan your big spring clean to be, earth-hating products can sneak their way into your cart. Household cleaning solutions rarely disclose their ingredients to consumers, so the bathroom cleaner that said it was “all-natural” could actually be hiding its hazardous chemicals behind the likes of “fragrance” and “essential oils.” Cleaning supplies make up one of the least regulated industries in the U.S., so you won’t find any seal of approval of green cleaning products. In a country like Australia, the trend of cleaning products and residential places seem to be very clear point, one can observe sound process of Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning Service that have contributed a lot in bringing improvement in tweed heads and nearby areas. Stick with solutions that disclose all of their ingredients, and pair them with appliances that minimize waste for the greenest spring clean.

Bissell Little Green Compact Multipurpose Deep Cleaner

Take carpet cleaning to the green level with this post-consumer recycled plastic deep cleaner. Its eco-friendly shampoo guarantees you won’t pour any heavy metals, phosphates, or dyes

the drain. Plus, it comes in a totally recyclable, PVC-free carton. $80.

GaiamMicroPlus Floor Mop

Dust, wash, or scrub floors and walls without filling your trashcan. Unlike traditional mop heads, its thick, long-life microfiber cover comes off for washing, so it’s like having a new mop every time you clean. Includes two mop covers. $28,

Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Cleaner

Formulated especially for hard-surface cleaning, but gentle enough to use on dishes and laundry, it contains no synthetic dyes or fragrances. After doing their job, all ingredients quickly biodegrade. $7.40 for 16 oz,

Bona Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Who’s up for Twister? Everyone, after you rid your home of slippery floors with this oil-free hardwood cleaner. And since its non-toxic and GreenGuard Indoor Air-certified, your only worry will be how to get to right foot yellow. $8.50 for 36 oz,

Clorox Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner

It’s 99-percent natural and petrochemical-free, but it cuts through soap scum, hard water, and rust like it packed bleach. Plus, it’s not tested to animals, so you can clean house and still hold your head up to Fido. $5.50 for 24 oz,

Seventh Generation Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner, Free & Clear

This award-winning company’s cleaner boasts a non-toxic and biodegradable streak-free formula. Use it on mirrors, chrome, and other hard surface and you won’t need to fumigate afterward. Plus, it’s Kosher-certified. $5 for 32 oz,

Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Cleaner, Emerald Cypress & Fir

This award-winning company’s tub and tile cleaner boasts a non-toxic and biodegradable streak-free finish. You can coat your bathroom with it and not even need to fumigate afterward. Plus, it’s Kosher-certified. $5 for 32 oz,