Grow Lights: One of the Most Important Hydroponic Supplies to Grow Your Crops

Once you have decided to start a hydroponic garden, you will have to consider a number of important things. Of course, you need to have ample space to start your garden, but you need to spend some money to find the best hydroponic supplies. You need to find the right types of trays, filters, pumps, reservoirs, nutrient solutions, and of course grow lights. While you will have to educate yourself about different hydroponic supplies, you may find yourself confused when buying grow lights. The reason is that there are many different types of grow lights and they all have their pros and cons. Here is a bit about different types of grow lights to help you make a right choice:

hydroponic garden

  • Incandescent Lamps: These are standard household bulbs that you will find in your home. You can use them, but it is better to avoid because they are very inefficient. In fact, their efficiency rate is no more than 5%. Moreover, the spectrum of light that these bulbs produce is not suitable for indoor plants. Another issue is that they produce a lot of heat, which makes them quite ineffective when it comes to hydroponic plants.
  • Fluorescent Lamps: They are quite popular and work well for indoor plant growth. In terms of efficiency, they are at least 5 times more efficient as compared to incandescent bulbs. They use less electricity and produce a reasonable amount of light. If you want to use these bulbs, be sure to go to a store selling hydroponic supplies and ask for high- output fluorescent. Just keep in mind that you may be better off trying other grow lights if you have large plants because they light they produce cannot penetrate deep into those plants. You may find compact fluorescent lamps more effective in this regard.
  • HID Lamps: You can also put your money on HID lamps to help grow plants indoor. Growers can choose from different types of HID lamps, including metal halide bulbs and high-pressure sodium bulbs. You may want to put your money on these lamps when you are interested in lighting large areas. They are quite suitable for hydroponic gardens because of their high light output. They use a bulb along with an electronic or mechanical ballast. In terms of efficiency, they are much better than incandescent lamps. The only issue is that they come with a limited lifetime and are likely to fail at any time.
  • LED Grow Lights: If you are looking for the most reliable option, you can certainly put your money on LED lights. They are available in different sizes and produce different spectrum of light to ensure that your plants can use the light for proper growth. LED growl lights come with several years of guarantee and are available at almost all stores selling hydroponic supplies.

The fact of the matter is that it is natural to feel confused when looking for the best grow lights, but you can make things easier by educating yourself about different types of lights and pros and cons associated with them.