Gutter System Maintenance – A Simplified Approach

     Your gutter system is an essential part of your roofing system and unfortunately, one that is most often neglected. A poorly functioning gutter system will endanger your foundations and even your health in the long run. In order to prevent water damage from occurring in your home, you need proper and regular maintenance of your gutter system. However, contrary to what most might think, maintenance of this very important part of your home is not as complicated as it seems. Read for a simplified approach on how to go about maintaining your gutter system to last for a long time.

General Cleaning

     Experts say the ideal number is about twice a year for a thorough cleanup. However, if you live in a wooded area, increase this frequency. Utilize a gutter cleaning kit which is actually an attachment you use on a leaf blower. Make sure that you do not do this in wet or Icy conditions as you might risk injuring yourself. However, the job can be done simply by using a handy garden shovel that is small enough to fit into the water channel between the gutter. The best time to do this is when the debris is damp and pliable and not super wet or extremely dried out.

Leakage must be Prevented

     As you go about your general cleaning, this might also be a good time to check for blockages or leakages, you can use your garden hose to do this inspection and check if water flows out and gone out through the downspouts. If these are blocked you can force the blockage out via using the high-pressure attachment for your hose or manually removing the downspouts from their elbows. Another method is using a plumbers snake to clean out the insides of the spout.

Carry Out Minor Repairs

     Always check downspouts for rust, flaking or peeling paint and apply fresh paint as necessary. SMall leaks or cracks can easily be repaired with an available gutter repair kit or a dab of silicone. Also because most of the gutter system is attached to the fascia board, make it a part of the inspection as well. Ensure that it is not water damaged or with any rot.

Let the Pros handle it For Serious Issues

    For serious repair and major issues of your gutter system, make sure that you turn this over to the professionals. It is always a good idea to hire locally and if you are in Burlington, enter downspouts Burlington on your search bar to be able to see all of the available roofing services company in your area. It is just a matter of a little research to search among them for your needs.