Helpful Tips When Buying Oak Furniture

When it comes to buying furniture, oak is one of the most versatile and robust materials there is. If you plan on redecorating your home, there are many options for items made from oak. There are different types of oak, but all are made from dense hardwood. It is very affordable, so it offers a solution for all kinds of budgets, here are some helpful tips to consider when buying oak furniture.

  • What is oak?

Oak is an abundant hardwood which is mostly found throughout the United States, it is a popular product which is used in all types of furniture designs. When it comes to oak there are only two basic species which are used for woodwork, they are white and red, both compounds are pretty similar, white oak being slightly more durable than red. If you are looking for furniture with a lighter colour, it is better to purchase a product made from white oak. When it comes to price, red oak is usually cheaper.

White oak has been used in construction for hundreds of years, the famous Viking longboats were made from oak because of their water-resistant properties. You’d often see red oak on old cross-country wagons hurtling across the US. Furthermore, oak has always been the material of choice for carpenters laying hardwood floors.

  • Why purchase oak furniture?

If your home or business is based in Northern Ireland, and you’re interested in oak furniture in Belfast, there are a select few shops which offer a wide variety of beautiful oak products. Oak can be slightly more costly than other materials simply because it’s a top of the range, it is an unbelievably durable, long lasting hardwood. Furniture which is crafted from oak is much more robust that other alternatives such as mahogany, if you live in a household where your furniture experiences a lot of wear and tear, than oak is the product for you. It can stand up to all kinds of punishment without suffering any serious damage.

Oak furniture is built to last, it doesn’t deteriorate like many other products on the market, it looks better over time. You should choose red oak furniture for decorating your interior, while white oak is better suited to outdoor designs because of its resistance to water.

  • Is it value for money?

If you find oak furniture which has been well built it is generally worth investing in, you’ll definitely get value for money and you won’t have to replace oak products if you keep them properly maintained. Products such as beeswax will help maintain oak furniture if you polish the item every few months, you should also keep oak furniture away from indoor heaters and clear of direct sunlight to increase longevity.

Although oak furniture is slightly more costly than other items, it makes up for it in so many ways. It creates a warm, natural aura in your home and it lasts for a seriously long time. Once properly maintained you won’t have to replace your oak furniture for as long as you live.