Home Remodeling in the Wake of Natural Disasters

The year of 2017 has been a hard year for homeowners in the United States and its surrounding territories. Home remodeling following natural disasters, such as hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, and other devastation is at an all-time high. If you have been faced with a natural disaster in your life, there are a few things that you should know as you begin building your home again.

Find Out What Home Remodeling is Covered by Your Insurance

Home remodeling is often covered by many homeowners’ insurance policies in the wake of a natural disaster. When a disaster hits, it is important to check with your policy and insurer to see exactly what is covered. Many individuals find that their furnished basement becomes flooded, but they do not have specific insurance for that type of home remodeling project. Some policies will grant a household money to cover both the expense of contractors, labor, and supplies.

Find a Home Remodeling Contractor

There are many sites on the internet that will help you to find a qualified contractor for home remodeling in your area. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising, so check with your friends, family, and neighbors for suggestions based on experiences that they have had in the past. Not only do you want to compare prices, you also want to have a thorough background check conducted, to make sure that they are covered with insurance (so that liability does not fall on your) and what kind of time span you are looking at.

Home remodeling after a natural disaster can be a daunting process. Hiring specific contractors for specific jobs may be the way to go. There are plenty of individuals and companies out there on the market that can do multiple projects (drywall and flooring for example) may or may not save you money than hiring professionals in each area of expertise. If you hire more than one contractor, make sure that you inform all individuals involved in the projects taking place, so that they can work with each other.

Shop Around for Home Remodeling Deals

Regardless if you take on the project yourself, or if you hire an outside team to do your home remodeling after a natural disaster, you want to make sure that you shop around for the best deal possible on building supplies. Coupons and customer loyalty programs are available at most large building stores. Another way to obtain less expensive building supplies is to look around your neighborhood (or check freecycle and online buy and trade groups) for supplies that you may need. Power tools are a hefty investment; however, they are worth their weight in gold because they can be used for a variety of projects in the future.

Home remodeling after a natural disaster can seem like a daunting project, but it is a process. Take your time (reasonably) to find the method that will work the best for you. Do your research, and soon enough, your home will back better than ever, as if the devastating disaster had never happened.