How a House Clearance Works

There are often times when you might need to undertake a house clearance. This needn’t be the removal of all interior furniture and fittings, but sometimes an over-cluttered garage, loft, basement, or shed needs clearing. Most household items are heavy or otherwise hard to remove, and in many cases must be disposed of properly. This is why many people opt to hire the services of a professional removals company to do the house clearance.


According to UK law, certain household items must be disposed of properly, and even incur a fee. There is a charge because these items must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Here are some of the items that cost to be disposed of at the community refuse centre:

  • Asbestos – and this is particularly important that you do not try to remove yourself without proper safety equipment. It is better to hire a professional company.
  • Pesticides and other chemicals – must be prevented from entering the water supply.
  • Old car oil, car batteries, and tyres –are corrosive or toxic if leak out.
  • Fluorescent tubes – contain gases that shouldn’t be readily released into the atmosphere.
  • Electrical equipment like TVs and computer monitors, fridges and freezers – older models of these contain noxious gases so must be taken to the refuse centre to be safely discarded.
  • Plasterboard – councils nationwide now have restrictions of disposing plasterboard because of the health dangers broken plaster poses.
  • Mattresses – must be taken to the tip to be broken down, most of the metal inside will be recycled.


Aside from additional costs that will be incurred by local councils, you can expect to pay anywhere from £500 to £1,500 for an entire clearance of an average 3-bedroomed house. The charge will be less if you only need some rooms cleared, but the fee will be affected by factors such as parking difficulty, or if you live in a high-rise block. Otherwise, there could be a way to even make money from a house clearance, or at least break even. Many items people choose to include in a house clearance can be recycled or otherwise have a resale value. The removals company will come and asses the value of your goods, take off the cost of the removal, and pay you the difference!By this method, you may end up needing to still pay something, particularly if your goods are not worth much, and especially if there are items that incur a fee to dispose of. However, there may be a way to get your house clearance done for free, if the value of your goods matches the cost of their labour. There are removal companies in Selby that operate this model for house clearances, so it is worth contacting them for a quote.

Clearing Your Home

If you need to free up space in your home, it may be time for an overdue house clearance. You may have built up a lot of items that are now difficult to dispose of, and even incur a fee. A removals company can take care of this for you. Whilst the cost varies depending on the size and location of the clearance, you may even end up making money from a house clearance, or at least break even. This is because the removals company will always try and resell your goods so whatever they earn means free labour for you. It’s definitely worth calling a removals company for a quote if you’re thinking about a house clearance.