How Do I Select the Perfect Four Poster Bed Frame?

The design of a bed frame can usuallytell youits comfortability and functionality, as well as its aesthetic appeal in a bedroom. A growing popular design nowadays is the four poster bed frame, which features four tall postsat each corner of the bed.

A long time ago, these kinds of frames were used to support a canopy surrounding that would help contain heat within the bed area, deter insects and provide some privacy, though nowadays, they are mostly decorative. The selection of a four poster bed frame begins with a careful assessment of your bedroom area. You should first determine the best size frame by measuring the room.

Making it Fit and Look Perfect

It’s best to consider how large of a bed you will need, by contemplating who will be sleeping in it. Four poster bed frames can come in a number of sizes, from king and queen all the way down to a full or twin. Larger frames are best to accommodate one or more adults, while smaller beds are naturally more suitable for smaller adults or children.

The frame is designed to match a particular size of mattress, and the components are not usually interchangeable. You may want to measure the length, width, and height of the bedroom to get a general picture of just what size four poster bed frame will fit into it as you wish. The height measurement is notably of importance, because the posts can extend quite high; and maybe even high enough to touch the room’s ceiling. And you don’t want that!


Once you have considered and chosen the right size, think about the materials and the design of the four poster bed frame. Some of these frames are made from wood, and different kinds of woods are available, which will change the quality, as in durability, aesthetic, and cost of the unit. A hardwood is usually more expensive than a softwood due to it being naturally more beautiful and durable, not to mention heavy.

Softwoods can also be quite beautiful as well, but they tend to be more affected by rot, cracking, and splitting. Modern frames,these days,can be made from metals such as Iron, steel and aluminium and most people are choosing this for its durability and life long lasting strength. You will have to think about how much you want to spend and the quality you wish for, as well as what kind of decor you have or are going to have in the bedroom.


Once you have your four poster bed in your bedroom, you will definitely notice how much the ambience of the room has changed. Each design has its own unique aesthetics and functionality and with the right kind of bedroom décor, your bedroom will look not only beautiful, but individually perfect!

Should you happen to show it off to your friends, don’t be surprised if they copy the very same bedroom design!