How Exactly Does an Electric Hot Tub Operate?

What we all know as an electric hot tub or spa, normally contains a heater and a spa pack, consisting of a pump and a controller which is fitted between the hard acrylic shell and the wooden cabinet, that, working together, circulates, cleans and keeps the water heated. When turned on via the control panel, water, then moves through the filtering system and then on over the tub’s electric heater. Water is then warmed up enough to the desired for thermostatically controlled temperature.

An intake valve pushes air into the system after which a pump will force warm air mixed with large volumes of warm water back into the tub through a series of small hydro jets. If you’ve ever seen one switched on, you now understand how all those jets and bubbles are made!

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A Range of Designs and All about Sanitation

  • Any pumps that work at higher speeds will generate greater amounts of water turbulence all depending on your requirements.
  • Nowadays, a reputable companymakes electric hot tubs in many types of designs and configurations, so that the filtering systems can be placed before or after the heating process.
  • Suction filters draw water into and against the heater, and pressure filters will then push water through a sanitising container afterwards.

  • Filters will have to be cleaned every two weeks and washed with aparticular cleaner about every three to four months.
  • Manufacturerscan also build an electric spa with a copper ionizer, ozoniser or inline ultraviolet (UV) filter to help with the sanitization process.
  • Such elements have assisted in making a reduction in the amount of normally added chemicals, like bromine and chlorine.

A Distinctly Healthy Flow of Water

  • When activated, copper ionizers transmit electricity to copper electrodes, which afterwardsgive off a fine flow of copper ions into the water.
  • Ozonisers also make use of special lamps that add an extra oxygen molecule to oxygen, which even further boosts a healthy flow of water.
  • The hyper-oxygenated air without exception destroys microorganisms without any assistance from chemicals.
  • Spa UV filters operate to eliminate any bacteria, fungus and viruses on contact as water passes over the ultraviolet light.
  • You can easily adjust the airflow, blowers, lights and water temperature depending on your personal requirements.
  • Expertly and safely concealed electrical wiring combines the heater, spa pack and other devices with a simple but extremely efficient digitalised control panel.
  • There are also, some customised electric hot tubs, which offer light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems, a fridge, top class stereo systems and pop-up screens! Oh la la!

Do yourself a favour and check out the new modern designs which are becoming exceedingly popular by the day!