How Is Slate Going To Draw Attention To Your House?

Sometimes you want your house to be anonymous and to blend in with all the others that are on the street. This is at times when you have absolutely no intention of selling your house and you can see yourself living there for many years to come.

However, there may come a time when you are looking to sell. Maybe you have found a larger house that is going to suit your growing family. Or you might be looking to downsize now that the children have grown up and left home. In these instances, you need your roof to lure people passing by, so it needs to make the maximum impact.

Slate can make the right impression for a number of different reasons.

Slate Provides A Contrast With The Colour Of The House

You want the colour of your slate roofing to be a different one to the walls of the house. This is going to draw the eye of people who are walking or driving past. This is not going to be difficult once a slate roof has been installed.

This is the first part of the house that people are going to see, so it undoubtedly needs to make a huge impression. Then people’s gaze is going to wander to other parts of the house.

Slate Comes In A Variety Of Different Colours

You may have been lead to believe that slate only comes in varying shades of grey. You may not want this colour on your roof at all. Instead, you will be glad to know that slate comes in a wide variety of different colours. You might choose a striking shade of red for the roof, or you might think that it is going to stand out much more if it is a bold shade of green.

People are going to stop in their tracks when they see this kind of roof. However, you must remember that you need to pander to the tastes of the people who will want to buy your house. They might not want a roof that is so brightly coloured. Choose the colour of the roof wisely.

What Are The Qualities Which Will Attract Potential Buyers To The Roof?

  • Slate is extremely durable.
  • Slate is not going to become dislodged by high winds.
  • Slate can resist the sudden impact of branches or stones that fall upon it.
  • The slate will be able to remain unchanged under the fierce glare of the sun or the stern examination of the wind.
  • The slate will not need a large amount of upkeep.


The slate is going to have a large impact on people who are seeking to buy your house. The slate is going to catch their eye but it will also impress people due to the fact that it is extremely durable and it does not require endless cleaning or a large amount of upkeep.