How To Choose The Right Artist For A Custom Oil Painting

Making a custom oil painting can be serious task which is why we often opt for a professional artist to do it for us. As the name explains, a custom oil painting is made on the basis of the demand from the client, of what they wish to see on the canvas. From the focus of the custom oil painting to the size of the canvas – all of it is based on the mutual communication between the artist and the client. Custom oil paintings had faded over the period of time but now they are catching up as a new trend among people, which is why we discuss in this article why it is important to know how to choose the right artist for a custom oil painting.

The first step to getting the right custom oil painting is choosing the right artist for it – an artist who can understand the client’s needs and what they wish for from the oil painting. The approach of doing a painting differs from artist to artist. However, in getting things right, the quality of the painting should never be compromised. Sometimes the artist you choose might end up making something very different from what you desire which is why it is important to give the right directions before they start with the painting. This can come from a good communication between the artist and the painter.

The painting assigned could be anything from a family portrait, to a landscape painting, to a portrait but irrespective of it what is important is to make sure that the painting portrays what the client desires for.

The Process

When an artist begins their painting process, they will have a individual approach to it. In this process it is important for the artist to have detailed knowledge of what they are going to paint for the client. Oil painting can be different from other kind of painting as it would include the use of solvents more than watercolours or acrylic.

A good professional artist will first give you an outline of how the painting might look like before they start with the work. If there is a painting that might include good amount of focus on a couple of objects, it has to be singularly instructed to them before they begin their work. Through the process of painting, the artist could update the client on the progress of the painting. And once the painting is done, it will be shipped to the client. So the entire process needs to be a smooth one so that it creates no hassles on the side of the painter as well as the customer to ensure that both the client and artist are satisfied with the outcome of the work. This can also prevent unnecessary delays!


Not all artists are professionally excellent in all kinds of paintings. Imagine you have hired a painter whose forte is acrylic painting to make a custom oil painting and they might not be able to give you the desired results. So it is important to have good knowledge on the expertise of the painter. The best way to do this is by directly asking the artist before you assign them the work. You can ask them how many custom oil painting requests they take monthly or a quarterly or yearly basis. An artist who is mostly into sketching might have a hard time doing a custom oil painting.


If the customer is not satisfied with the results then irrespective how good the painting be – it is not a good one. The only job of the artist is to impress the client with their work assigned. The best way to do this is to keep the painting within the instructions of the client and not try to add a personal touch of their own because anyway the painting will be kept with the customer and not the painter. Further, one has to be a keen listener and keep in mind all the guidelines given by the client when the work is assigned.

Work Period And Price

Nobody likes to wait endlessly for the delivery of their orders. Another thing that no customer likes is not getting the thorough breakdown of price quotation and then getting a number that was not expected in the beginning. This can affect the image of the artist as well. When the client gives the brief to the artist, the artist on their part should also be fully clear about the turnaround time of the work to completed and the proper breakdown of the price quoted. The time confirmed is a commitment that should not be failed upon.

Keeping all the above in mind, one should look for a professional artist to get their custom oil painting done. The client should be really clear about what they want so that when the painting is delivered they might not have dual thoughts and feel it could have been better had it been some other painting. Overall it is important for the smooth deliverance of service so that both the client and the painter can work again in the future. This helps build a healthy business transaction. In case you are still confused, we have the best custom painting service in the world.

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