How to Clean the Hard To Reach Places in Your Home?

Most of us are trying to maintain the house clean and free of harmful microbes. During this period when the beginning of the epidemic influenza has been announced it is important to provide your home with a proper cleaning. Learn what are the places in the house that are full of microbes that we normally forget to clean. will guide you through the process.

Although we are proud of our clean and tidy home there are always those hidden places that even the greatest perfectionist can forget to clean. When was the last time you cleaned under appliances or sanitize electronic devices in your home? Read on and find out what are the places that people rarest clean.

Holders for toilet paper and the button for flushing

Dirty places in the bathroom are very easy to miss, but most people do not even think about them. These places require special attention in order to keep them clean. Most people do not prefer to wash their hands after using the toilet even though it is a standard procedure and everyone is required disinfect the place if they use a toilet, of course.

Washing Machine

If during the laundry washing, you avoid washing at high temperatures and the use of bleach you use will save energy and help you live greener, but you will probably not kill germs. You can help your environment and your health so that you regularly clean your machine, following the instructions written as “Disinfect and clean the washing machine.”

Ceilings, fans and chandeliers

Ceilings, chandeliers and fans are usually out of our reach and out of sight so they are rarely cleaned, and the dirt that is on them builds up and can be very harmful for those suffering from allergies. With the help of a wet cloth wipe every corner of the ceiling, remove dirt and dust from the chandeliers and fan. If you are allergic to dust wear over a mask on the mouth and nose in order not to inhale the dust.

Sockets, switches and door handles

These places are very important to keep clean during the season flu and colds because they are places where you would normally collect most germs and bacteria. Twice a week, spray onto this site to your standard detergent and wipe them with a kitchen towel. Do not forget to wipe the handle on the outside door and the bell.

Remote controls and electronic devices

Remote controls, phones and keyboards are the perfect placefor bacteria and microbes, and most of them are rarely cleaned. To thoroughly clean these devices, remove their battery or turn them off from electricity, take a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol and wipe. Before you begin to use it again, replace the battery.

Just make sure you provide your home a deep cleaning if you want to protect your heath and the health of people you care about.