How to fix common tile flooring problems

If your tiled floor is not looking up to scratch, there are some simple ways to make it look like new again. The tiles may have a few chips or scratches that need fixing. Tiles are very long-lasting, but occasionally they may chip or get scratches through chairs being dragged along them or just everyday wear and tear. Here are a couple of ways to improve their condition.

Small chips and scratches

There is an easy way to get rid of those little chips that you often find around the edge of your tiles – all you need is some nail varnish. You just need to find a shade that matches your tile and then paint over the chip. The nail varnish may get darker over time; if so, take it off with nail varnish remover and reapply. This also works for scratches.

Replacing a tile

If the tile is badly damaged, you may need to replace it. You will need to put a cloth over the damaged tile and smash it with a hammer. Take the bits out with a chisel, clean out the old adhesive, and put new adhesive on the new tile. Set it in place and allow to dry. You can then put in new grout.

Fixing bigger problems

If there are larger chips that can’t be fixed with nail varnish, you can use ceramic filler. This comes in different colours, so find the one that matches your tile. Work it into the hole or chipped area and leave to dry.

Get a new look

If the tiles are looking really worn and dated, a new floor could be the best solution. You can lay new tiles over the old ones; alternatively, go for a complete change and fit a sturdy wooden floor. Wooden flooring is cheaper and easier to install than tiling. You can look at the patterns and colours of cheap laminate flooring at a company such as

Caring for your floor

Prevention is always better than cure and you can care for your floor by putting protective furniture feet on chair and table legs to stop scratches. You can also put rugs in high traffic areas, such as hallways or kitchens, to help protect your flooring. This also stops it fading or becoming discoloured in sunlight.