How to paint your house Types of paintings?

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If the walls you are going to paint are in good condition and do not need anything more than do a touch-up, you can use plastic paint for all rooms.Check them out once you have decidedĀ  which sort of color tone you want to apply. As it is aid before, leaving the room to paint completely empty is the best option. However, there are other surfaces such as blinds, baseboards and doors that you must protect before painting.

How to determine the color variants?

More and more companies of paint producers are adapting their product to a more natural which hardly have odor. So this option is perfect for painting your house.

Thixotropic painting

It has a good coverage power. It is perfect for those walls that have stains such as smoke, grease or moisture and even those that have mold or oxidation.

Anti-allergy painting

It is one that prevents the proliferation of mites and fungi. In addition, it minimizes the emission of these compounds and making it the perfect option for allergic people especially dust and mites.

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Scented paintings

This type of paintings are characterized by slowly releasing natural aromas, however this perfume does not last forever being remarkable the first days.

Paints without odor

Unlike the previous option these do not have any odor and are known as photo catalytic paints that absorb odors.

How to paint your house? Painting technique

Start by painting on the roof because if it drips into the walls then it can be remedied when you paint these sections. To paint the corners use the following method.First paint the area with a brush and then blur the line to the rest of the wall with a roller always in the same way. If it is not done in the same way then the paint will create different marks on the wall.To paint doors and areas with carpentry as baseboards help you with a flat palette and small rollers. The best option is to choose two rollers, one wet to paint the surface and another dry one for the details. When removing the tape from these places try to do it carefully since you can lift the paint. Another better option is to call for the house painting Melbourne experts because only a professional knows how to deal with it.

Conclusion: Apply a new layer

Ventilate the room after painting so that the paint dries and the smell disappears. The plastic paints are usually dried after 6 hours of application. In case the paint is enamel then follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. It will not be necessary to apply a new layer if you have chosen mono-layer paint, although it is true that these types of paintings are more difficult to apply.