Most arid tropical regions grow this type of grass. This grass is may not be the best choice when it comes to high quality lawns, they make great turf grass. Carpet grass does not have a dark green lush color. It is more yellowish green. One of the reasons why this grass is not favored for lawns by many is the fact it takes long to grow yet is the first to turn brown when there is a fall in temperature. Wheatgrassprofessional suggests the use of the narrow leaf carpet grass for lawns. The broad leaf carpet grass is used as turf grass since the thick blades form a dense growth.

Planting carpet grass

It is important to follow certain guidelines if you want your carpet grass to grow to a beautiful lawn.

  • Remove any stones, pebbles, paper, branches and anything that will inhibit the growth of grass. Ensure the soil is clear of all this unwanted garbage.
  • Remove any roots that are not necessary. These will compete with the grass for nutrients with high chances of success.
  • Destroy all weeds using herbicides
  • Fertilize the soil using organic fertilizer
  • Create a layer to help with drainage. You can use broken stones or bricks for this.
  • Align the soil then compact it with a roller
  • Loosen the soil on the surface then add mineral fertilizer
  • Loosen the soil once again with a rake
  • Plant your grass. It is best to do this any time from spring to autumn

It is important to ensure it is not windy when planting grass. Otherwise it will be an effort in vain since the seeds will scatter. When planting carpet grass seeds:

  • Disperse the seeds evenly
  • Mix the soil with the seeds gently. Ensure the soil covering the soil is about 2-3mm.
  • When watering the grass, use a can that has a nozzle. Too much water will wash the seeds away
  • Expect the grass to start appearing in about a week or two
  • If you are seeding a large area, a seed spreader would come in handy

The carpet requires special care when planting as it is easy to be washed away by heavy watering. The soil can be easily washed off together with the soil. Wheatgrassprofessional offers lawn care services that will help you have great looking carpet grass for your lawn.