Hydroponic Gardening: The Major Advantages

Hydroponic Gardening

With lands cleared out for commercial and residential purposes, many are looking for ways to farm indoors. Hydroponic Gardening, the cultivation technique that does not require soil and which can be undertaken indoors is now popular. But it too has it’s own merits and demerits. To know all about hydroponic farming, visit farmhydroponics.

Let us now take a look at the major advantages of hydroponic gardening.

Does not require much space

Unlike the conventional farming methods, hydroponic gardening does not require a space of land outside. If you have a spare bedroom that is not being used for some time, then that is well enough space for this farming method. Plants usually spread out their roots in the soil in search of nutrients and water. But since in this farming technique, the roots are sunk into tank full of nutrients, they don’t have to go searching for any.

Does not require soil

In hydroponic gardening, plants are grown using a nutrient-rich water solvent. Therefore, it does not require any soil.

No more weeds

One problem which each of us face in our grade is the weeds. They grow all over the place and we have to timely clean them off either using chemicals or plucking them off by hand. That is too much hard work. With hydroponic gardening, no more weeds!


Improved growth rate

Since the plants are grown by using water solvent that contain various minerals and nutrients, their growth would be enhanced significantly. Also, they are grown inside. So you control each of their surrounding conditions. Be it the temperature, the moisture, light or the nutrients – you are the boss!

No diseases and pesticides

In hydroponic gardening, the plants are grown indoors without soil. Therefore, there would not be pests like the ground hogs or birds or any diseases. Therefore you won’t have to use any pesticides or any such chemicals.

No more worries about the pH levels

For a soil to be good for cultivation, it’s pH levels should be maintained accordingly. But in case of hydroponic gardening, you can easily control the pH levels of the water solvent since you are the one who is actually preparing it.

This farming technique is a water saver

Plants grown using hydroponic gardening use 10% less water than those cultivated on the soil. The only ways by which water is lost is due to evaporation or leaks from the system, and these can be taken care of too.

Thus, hydroponic gardening many advantages and is one of the perfect ways for those who consider gardening a hobby to get in touch with nature and lower your stress levels. For detailed information, read farmhydroponics.