Ideas for decorating your garden

A country house with a bath-house and a fence was built, the beds and a greenhouse in perfect order, the eye is pleased with a small wooden gazebo near the gate, but still something is missing. The solution is simple – it is necessary to decorate your garden. Good looking outdoor furniture and garden decor is what we put our soul and imagination in, what makes our home unique and creates great atmosphere, without which the surrounding world seems dull and boring.

Decorating flower beds.

Let’s start making original flower beds instead of the usual flower beds. It is possible to find flowerbeds with peonies, roses, asters in every garden, but how to make it unique? Unusual ornaments for the garden you can find everywhere, you just have to look around. If space allows, even an old bed is suitable for a flower bed. What you need is to paint it the way you want, replace a mattress with a case with soil and plant flowers in it.

You can stick to the traditional design of flower beds, and decorate them with a fence made of any natural material: picket, stones, artificial stone. A lot of construction debris remains after the construction of the house, pool or bath – it is also useful for edging the flower beds.

Arranging the original flower beds, we should not forget about the unity of style: for example, the stone frame of the flower bed is organically combined with a facade made of stone.

Popular techniques for decorating reservoirs.

The traditional method of decorating garden ponds are fountains and waterfalls. Of course you are lucky if you have a stream flowing in your garden: with the help of artificial rapids you can arrange a whole cascade of waterfalls. Such a stream is easy to organize, if the house has a water supply system as well.

Using various nozzles for fountains, you can create a small composition.

To make your pond more attractive, you can use lighting. In the dark the pond will be shimmering with different colors and look pretty impressive.

Wooden decor in a country style.

 Wood is an affordable and easy-to-handle material. Using modern primers, paints, varnishes and anti-fungus materials, as well as possessing sufficient skill and patience, you can create real masterpieces.

Interesting wooden ornaments for a garden are divided into 2 groups: functional and decorative.

The first group includes carved arbors, fences, benches, bridges across the pond – that is, everything that is actively used daily. The second group includes decorative ornaments for a summer residence and a garden, reviving lawns, flowerbeds and platforms. Most products harmoniously combine both functions. Wooden décor is ideal for a country house built of logs or round logs.

You can install a wooden well which can be both active and decorative.

The use of stones in decorating the garden

Stones are beautiful and symbolize the strength of nature and the flow of time. The Japanese designers love to decorate gardens with stone. It is possible to arrange an alpine slide and more simple solutions – curbs for beds, paths.

In any case, the stone is a noble material in any form. Even a handful of gravel in combination with water or a flower looks exquisite, not to mention specially prepared plates, pieces of granite or marble.

A rockery, a dry stream, a stone path through a pond – any garden decoration with stones looks appropriate and harmonious. And most importantly, to create this composition you need your creativity and natural materials.

Funny crafts made of plastic.

Thousands of plastic bottles are thrown away as unnecessary, although you can create funny figures and decor elements out of it.

For example, you can take a few plastic bottles and make funny penguins, which will raise your mood. If you have children, they will happily take part in creating these figurines.

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