Interior Design Ideas of Luxury Living Rooms

The living room is the main room of the home where residents spend the most time entertaining and bonding with family members.

When you want to create a beautiful environment, it’s important to use luxurious decor pieces that will make the setting appear regal. If you want to decorative your living room, there are a few luxury design ideas to consider.


Use wallpaper to incorporate an extra print or pattern into the room when you want to make a statement and allow the space to look complete. If you have a smaller living room, consider installing it on an accent wall to prevent it from closing in the setting.

High-Lacquered Wood

High-lacquered wood looks polished and sophisticated if you want to create a masculine environment at home. It’s currently one of the most popular materials to use, which can also be installed to conceal shelving and create a more streamlined space.

The living room will look tailored and modern with the rich color shade that adds an extra layer of texture.

White Couches

White couches are chic and luxurious when you want to make a statement with your furniture. The clean design of the furniture will allow the room to look fresh and high-end, which will look beautiful when paired with silver mirrors that are mounted on the walls.

The design of the interior setting will add extra glamour that is gorgeous and modern. Pair the couch with an oversized ottoman that can work as the coffee table and will make the room look cozy.

Furnish the couch with fur pillows or throws to make it look complete. Adding a few pops of color can also prevent the room from appearing bland.

Sheer Drapes

Sheer drapes that are installed an inch underneath the ceiling will look classy and sophisticated with a neutral color shade that is used.

Installing sheer drapes will allow extra light to flood into the room and will make the windows glow behind the fabric.

Intricate Chandeliers

The interior lighting that is used in the living room not only illuminates your home but can contribute to the style of the environment.

Add intricate chandeliers that feature glass crystals or metallic elements to dress up the room and work as one of the main focal points. Sconces can also be used next to an oversized mirror or on each side of the television.

Lucite Furniture Items

The transparent look of lucite furniture pieces can create a unique look in your home that looks regal. Use a lucite coffee table that can hold a tray table and books. A lucite television stand or side table next to a couch will also look sophisticated and will add a sleek touch.

Marble Accent Pieces

Make use of marble when you want to add a fresh accent piece that can be used in various parts of the living room. Consider hanging a marble clock on the wall or a coffee table that has a marble top.

Quartz can also be used if you’re building an entertainment center and want a material that mimics marble.