Is Your Scaffolding Fully Secure?

When you are purchasing or hiring access platforms, you cannot use a budgetary approach. You simply cannot elect to buy or hire lower-priced equipment when safety and reliability are the main concerns. So, how do you choose the right scaffolding for your project’s needs?

Safety Requirements

First, you should choose scaffolding that complies with the safety requirements. Otherwise, you will defeat the purpose of hiring or buying the equipment in the first place. For example, if you choose a scaffolding kit that does not come with a safety endorsement, it could cost you or one of your team members their life.

Safety Towers

That is why you need to make sure that safety towers, for instance, feature the following amenities:

  • Platforms should be designed for the intended purpose with a tower, and ordered at the correct quantity.
  • Scaffolding should also feature built-in safe distances between the rungs, built-in safe access, and slip-resistant surfaces.
  • Safe guardrails should be highlighted in each scaffolding design.

Safety Training

Whilst choosing a secure and safe scaffold tower is a priority, it is also essential that you and your crew are trained to use the scaffolding safely. Anyone who orders scaffolding through an Abee hire should possess safety training as well. This type of training should extend to steps and towers, house ladders, and scaffold towers.

When you choose scaffolding, it is important to have a clear idea of what you need in terms of a platform. For instance, a building project needs one type of scaffolding whilst a rendering or roofing project each require another type of scaffolding. Plus, you will find that there are various scaffolding alternatives for different jobs.


You also have to consider transportability. For example, does your project require that you move the scaffolding from one site to the next? Or, will you be able to keep the platform fixed at the job site? Scaffold dimensions must be reviewed too. Survey the sizes carefully to evaluate which tower will provide you with the working height you need.

Take this into consideration as well: most mishaps result from user mistakes rather than any type of defects in the scaffolding. That is why you need to make sure that you select the proper scaffolding height. In other words, you do not want a worker to reach out too far and potentially fall.

When you make arrangements for a scaffolding hire, you need to go over your requirements with respect to access, height, dimensions, transportability, and purpose. State the nature of the work so you can shortlist your choices in this respect. Scaffolding that is movable should feature frames that offer more latitude in working heights as well as such upgrades as weather-proofing and anti-skid decking.

Whatever your reason for a scaffolding hire, the focus should be on the frame and overall safety of the product. By working with a company that offers this type of equipment, you can make the best choice for your project, both in terms of safety and ease of access. In order to streamline your operation, the choice of the proper scaffolding is indeed important.