Know the Uses of paint samplers

As it is known fact that painting adds color and beauty to the house. The beauty is attained by choosing the perfect colors which makes the walls to look more attractive. To get the perfect color different paint samplers can be tried on the walls. Small sample bottles are available in the market and even the painting companies including Accurate Painting will provide the sample bottles for the purpose of selecting the right color for the walls. The owners can try five to six samples and even more and can choose the one which is worth enough for their money spent.

Touch Ups:  The main use of the sample bottles is that they can be used for touch ups. After choosing the wall color the sample bottles left are used for doing touch ups on scratches and holes on the walls. It is important to note that the sample and wall paint should look exactly the same. There should not be a slight difference between the sample and the wall paint and attention need not be drawn to the part that has been repainted. When not able to understand the painting basics can seek for professionals from Accurate Painting.

Donate: it’s always a better choice to donate the sample bottles selected when they are not used as there are number of high school drama clubs readily accept Paint samples for their scenery for the school production. Sample bottles can also be donated to local boys and small kids who will happily use it for new projects. One can even donate the paint sample bottles to community clubs,  local churches and senior centers.

Accessories: The paint samples can be used for painting unfinished wooden accessories. Purchasing a gallon of paint for the purpose of painting the small wooden clock or stool is not advisable and the paint will get wasted as well. The left over paint samples can be used for painting the unfinished wooden pieces and craft stone pieces. They will look perfect with paint samples.

Murals: Sample bottles can be used for painting the murals on walls. It will be the perfect time to start the murals when left out paint samples are available at home. The scene can be outlined by light pencil and the larger area of the scene can be painted by using paint samples. The scene will be realistic and the money will be saved by using sample paints.

Accents: Some furniture available at home requires some attention to make them pop and the same can be done by the paint samples. The attention may be required for wooden side table or the children bookshelf. The paint samples can be used for creating fun scheme on the piece. People can be creative and can paint the each bookshelf with different color and also can use stripes on the legsof side table and it will be a great choice to accent the wooden piece without any additional cost. Paint samples can be made great use and will save money.