Methods and Techniques for Exterminating Drywood Termites

Termites are very tiny insects which consume or feed on cellulose based plant materials. Hence, homes become source of food for termites. They destroy a house silently by secretly hiding and nesting without showing immediate signs of damage. There are many types of termites some of them are drywood, subterranean, dampwood termites. As same says drywood termites live, feed, and nest in wood which has low moisture content. Damage done by drywood termites is different from the damage caused by subterranean termites. These termites do not need soil contact to live. Drywood termites can attack any type of wood. They enter into a wood through cracks and infest furniture, wooden objects, woodwork in buildings etc. Click to Website here for more information.

Treatments for controlling drywood termites:

Depending on the level of damage or infestation caused by drywood termites, there are two kinds of treatments. Structural fumigation treatment is used when the intensity of infestation is high. This treatment should be performed by fumigation. In this method, the entire place or building is covered with fumigation cover tightly and a termite killing pesticide is released into this. The gas use in fumigation is bromo-gas. This is very effective method of killing drywood termites completely. This is done by fumigation experts or fumigators. Localized spot-wood treatment is used when the infestation is small and in a localized spot. This treatment is done using liquid, foams or dusts. In this holes are drilled in to the infested wood. Insecticide is then forced through these holes dispersing the insecticide to the affected area and kill termites. When there is limited localized infestation, foams as well as dust form of insecticides are recommended. Liquid Termiticides is a barrier termite treatment where the termites are prevented in entering a structure or soil to get moisture on which they survive. This is easy method of terminating termites. Liquid is applied on the infested area. Using liquid termite termination method kills termites faster. It needs drilling through the concrete and soil to apply liquid. This method can stop termites from attacking for up to 5-8 years. Click to Website today.

Termite Baiting is a new method of controlling drywood termites. There are various termite baiting systems for termite termination available in the market. Termite baits consists of plant substances such as paper, cardboards and other which are acceptable foods to termites. A slow acting substance lethal is combined with these and is used as termite baits. They create a presence of wood or food to termites. Termite baits can be directly placed on the ground near structure of the termite infested area. Termites will find it as a food, feed on and die. If the bait acts quickly and kills termites, there is a chance that other termites not feeding on bait. Delayed acting bait enhances the chance of killing all termites even those that never fed on the bait. These bait stations are installed below ground or within the termite infested area. Depending on the treatment specifications, a combination of one or more methods is used for killing termites.