Modern Living Solutions for the Elderly and Disabled

For the able bodied person, many of the considerations for the disabled would not be understood, as mobility is taken for granted, but think for a second, how difficult it would be for a person who is confined to a wheelchair to move around their home? This has always been a big issue for many unfortunate people, but modern solutions allow for a disabled person to freely move around their home.


These have long been the major obstacle for disabled people, with many regretfully having to sell their lovely two storey home in favour of a bungalow, as without assistance, it was not possible to access the upper floor. Modern chairlifts can be fitted to any shaped staircase, and with the ability to self-operate, you retain your independence. Modern domestic lift systems are focused on independence, as many disabled people live alone, and cannot afford round the clock care, and with the right solution, you would not be limited in access to any area of the home. If you are living in the UK, Domestic Lift Services are the ideal people to design and build a system that enables complete mobility, and with many years of experience in domestic lift solutions, you can be sure of a bespoke design that delivers the goods.


These vary in style and can even be incorporated into a curved staircase, which is ideal if you happen to have such a design in your home, and there are online suppliers who can tailor the solution to the home and the occupant. If you would like to know more about the latest generation of domestic hoists and lifts, a simple online search should reveal a list of websites.

Vertical Lifts

This is an innovative way to beat the stairs, and with the correct location, moving between floors is no longer an issue, the entire project would be handled by the supplier, and the end result would make moving around much easier. Some larger houses would benefit from a combination of a stairlift and a vertical lift, which gives you access to any part of the house.

Shower and Bedroom Hoists

Many disabled people are fine moving around the home, but shower time is a problem, but with a modern shower hoist that is remotely controlled, the user can safely and effortlessly get in and out of the shower without assistance. Vertical hoists can also be installed in bedrooms, which helps when you have to move a disabled or elderly person from the room. Getting a person from A to B has been simplified with modern lifting and hoisting solutions, and with bespoke creations, the system is sure to be suitable.

There is one specialist company in the UK that offers a comprehensive solution for access in the home, and with a simple Google search, you should be able to locate a reputable supplier who can give you a free quotation.