Plant Hire – The Small Builder’s Best Friend

The average local builder would have 2 or maybe 3 projects running together, and by carefully shuffling his workforce around, he manages to stay on top of things. There is, however, one service that every builder must have, and that is reliable plant hire. Certainly, a national construction company would have its own fleet of heavy equipment, but the majority of builders will hire the equipment they need, for a specific amount of time, which keeps costs down.

Range of Equipment

Earth moving machinery and tipper trucks would be available, and with most small construction projects requiring initial land clearance, excavators, grabs and concrete breakers are all put to good use. An established plant hire company would have several branches, and therefore, the resources to support a large fleet of vehicles, and with expert operators also available, the job will be completed on time. A local builder might require grab hire in Harlow, or excavation in London, and with an Internet search, a local plant hire company would only be a few clicks away.

Forging an Alliance

easy waste removal

The typical builder will rely heavily on the plant hire provider, and would expect the machinery to be on site at the agreed time, and should there ever be a breakdown, a mobile mechanic would soon have the machine working again, or failing that, call for an immediate replacement. The builder would have a close working relationship with the plant provider, and would typically be billed monthly, and would also have a line of credit, which allows him to freely operate.

Digger Hire

This versatile machine is extremely useful to a builder, and would be regularly hired to do a multitude of small jobs. It is ideal for digging trenches, and removing trees and shrubs. One digger and a tipper truck can clear a large area in a single day, and with a skilled operator, the work is soon finished and the machine can go off hire. Once the ground has been cleared, the footings must be dug and the digger has a range of back bucket sizes, enabling you to dig trenches, and a JCB digger can lift objects and with a large front bucket, it can make short work of earth moving.

Waste Disposal

Many projects begin with the removal of old buildings, and with all the fixtures and fittings, that’s a lot of materials to dispose of, but some plant hire companies would also provide a waste removal service, which allows the builder to use his labour in other ways. The more services the plant hire company offers, the more attractive it is to the builder, who could require any type of heavy machinery at short notice, and any hire company with an extensive fleet of machinery will have many small businesses that rely on them.

Plant hire is an integral part of the construction industry, and once a builder has forged an alliance with such a company, many of his problems are solved.