In the United States, a lot of people there are constantly moving, busy, or do not have the privilege of time to maintain the cleanliness of their houses because of work or running a business. Everyone is on the go that is why having a maid is every essential in running house chores and maintaining everything that we want in our house.

Just like fate, it would be very fortunate if we found a helper that is an absolute gem, one that is the most reliable, trustworthy and hardworking, however, there are those helper or maid that is the complete opposite. There is a helper that you decided to employ may not be the one that you have expected her to be. There are those who are not just capable of handling household chores or have an unacceptable and tolerable trait and most of all irresponsible.

How much more if you leave your infant, or your elderly family member in the hands of these kind of maids? That would surely be a problem and we do not want that to happen so here is an article that will help you in determining if your maid reached the boiling point and have to pack up and leave your house. Of course, it would be a waste of your money to employ someone who cannot properly do their job so sit back relax and take time to read.

  • IGNORING YOUR HOUSE RULES- We all know that doing house chores are very tiring especially if your house is quite big, how much more if it is being done by a single maid. It is their right and privilege to rest after a morning full of house chores. They can either take a nap or just simply rest but it is completely intolerable to see them laying down lazily and does not obey your requests or command to do something. It is important, as an employer to brief your helper in her first day about the house rules and ground rules so that they will be well aware of the things they can do and cannot do. Telling them the rules is a good way to build communication and transparency between the employer and the employee but if your maid continues to blatantly disregard your house rules and much worse disrespect it, it might be better to tell them to leave.
  • NEGLIGENCE OR ABUSING YOUR CHILD- Negligence like leaving household chores incomplete or ignoring your baby’s cry or ignoring your elderly family member’s request is a sign that your maid should pack her things up and leave. Much worse, if she starts to abuse your infant or your elderly family member. You can tell if your child is abused if your child displays distress every time you leave him/her to your helper, especially if your helper and your infant have already familiarized each other. These are obvious signs that there is something is wrong. Another indications is bruises or any traumatic expression that you child manifests. It is better to install hidden cameras around the house to determine your suspicion.
  • NO INTEREST IN LEARNING THE CHORES- Not all helpers or maids are familiar with all the house chores, so it is essential to teach one to learn how to do it, but if there is no willingness to learn or have no interest to do it, it is better to look for another maid and send her back to her agency.

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