Simple rules for an awesome garden

If you are not a lover of gardening, then one of the hardest and most frustrating things about owning a home is looking after the garden. With plants and with gardens it feels like there is always something that needs to be done. Be it planting, mowing, digging, pruning or watering, gardens require constant maintenance if they are to look good.  So what tricks are there to make it easier? Are there short-cuts that will leave you proud of your garden but still free on weekends to do things other than operate a lawnmower. The truth is that there are. Here are a few simple tips to help you turn your garden into a paradise.

Lawns are trouble

A perfectly manicured lawn looks lovely, that cannot be denied, but the reality is that lawns are the highest maintenance areas of any garden. They are hotbeds for thorns, they constantly need to be mowed and they require frequent watering in the dry seasons. The solutions are twofold: firstly, eliminate as much lawn as possible but making more flower beds and planted areas. But if you like your lawn then consider putting down artificial grass.  A quick online search for something like ‘turf supplies Parramatta’ will yield the names of the local experts. Make contact and get a quote. The price might surprise you a little because it is not cheap, but the reality is that you are saving on watering and labour and maintenance costs for years to come. Factor that all in and it is a bargain.

Local is lovely

Do not be tempted to plant fancy exotic plants. Do a little bit of research to find out what plants grow locally and plant them. Indigenous plants are designed for the local climate and conditions and they should thrive. Many people who are new to gardening base their planting decisions on what they have seen on television or in books. But this means rose gardens and English country gardens is what is at the forefront of the mind. And, while it might work, it will be a lot of hard work and disappointment before you have what you want. A simple, indigenous garden should thrive, leaving you to sit back and relax.

Pests can be friends

One of the best things about planting indigenous plants in your garden is that they are designed to work as part of an ecosystem with local animals and bugs. On first look those bugs might look like pests or nuisances and the temptation might be there to poison them or kill them. But in many instances, they are just part of a finely balanced ecosystem. In other words, caterpillars that eat certain plants and helping the pruning process. They will not kill the plant entirely because they need it to survive in order to flourish as a species. So often people hassle about killing ‘pests’ and then they worry about having to prune or cut bushes back because they have got too big. But they would not need to be pruned if the ‘pests’ had been left alone. It is very simple really!