Simple steps to green your house

Being conscious of the environment and creating environmentally friendly houses is becoming increasingly important for architects, builders and home-owners. Owning and living in your dream home is a goal for most people, but without a doubt that goal is tempered by wanting to live in a house that doesn’t affect the earth negatively in its construction. Obviously if a house is being built from scratch it is very different to an existing house. But if you are buying a house and wanting to make it eco-friendlier there are lots of things that you can do, many which are not very expensive, to make your home greener. Here are a few ideas.

Light and warmth

The old-school way is to use air conditioning but, in many instances, this is completely unnecessary. Things like natural light and double glazing are important design feature that go a long way towards reducing the use of electricity through the use of light bulbs and heaters. Similarly, smart window protections can make a big difference. Type something like ‘roller blinds Tuggerah into a search engine and see what comes up. These are easy to install, and they will help a lot in making your house more energy efficient.

roller blinds Tuggerah

Grey water for the win

Water is an increasingly scarce commodity which means it is expensive and hard to come by. As such, you need to make sure that when you use water you get the most out of it. Grey water systems collect shower, both and washing machine water and use it for the garden. There is absolutely no need to put perfectly good drinking water onto the garden. As long as your used water is phosphate free it is good for the flower beds and vegetable gardens and it means that each time you clean yourself the garden gets a benefit – as opposed to the water simply disappearing down the drain.

Solar is the future

Don’t hold back on installing solar panel on your roof. In places where there is plenty of sunlight it is almost criminal not to harness the benefits of the sun – at the very least to heat your geyser. Solar technology is now quite advanced, and it is no longer something new. As a result, the prices for solar panels and systems have declined steeply over the last decade. Investigate this as an option, it is cheap and easy to install and what’s more, it will save you money in the long run.

Harvest rain water

When it rains you are essentially being given free water from the sky. Because it is easy to open a tap and have water come out, most people take rain for granted and do nothing about it. But logically if you install rain water tanks and plumb them into your system you are cutting out a huge amount of unnecessary process. In short, rain falls, it runs into drains and off to reservoirs or treatment plants. It is chlorinated and cleaned and then pumped via an elaborate network of pipes and pump-stations back to your house, where you are metered and charged. Why not just collect the rain that falls on your property and use it for things like flushing the toilet or filling the pool. Even if you don’t drink it you could be saving yourself a lot of money and making yourself more off-grid and self-sufficient.